SOA meets the real world
Five big organizations launch ambitious service-oriented architecture initiatives and explain their objectives, obstacles, and solutions

Massachusetts takes a spoonful of SOA
When doctors, hospitals, and insurers needed to exchange data across the state of Massachusetts, an SOA turned out to be the most practical, cost effective solution

Countrywide Financial simplifies lending
A fast-growing lending company with widely distributed IT shops abstracts applications as services, links them via messaging bus, and gains new business agility.

SOA ensures Guardian gets it right
A commitment to reusability helps the nation's fourth largest insurer cut app dev costs, unlock data from legacy systems, and integrate applications across the Internet.

British Telecom dials into SOA
Using Microsoft's Connected Services Framework,  a telecom giant test markets and deploys a wide variety of targeted offerings for SMB customers

Transamerica turns silos into services
SOA integration eases data exchange and exposes legacy systems as Web services that can be plugged into custom apps for insurance agents


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