The 2004 InfoWorld CTO 25 Awards
Our third annual awards honor the most influential CTOs who are leading their companies -- and their industry -- to better times

Yuval Ben-Itzhak balances the here and now with future needs
KaVaDo CTO believes in tech leaders' powers of persuasion

Tom Bishop seeks standards
Vieo CTO is challenged to stay on top of technologies in quest to define resource monitoring standards

Edouard Bugnion lives in the virtual world
VMware's chief architect is turning his attention from virtual servers to virtual storage

Kimberly N. Ellison-Taylor has no room for error
Public sector CTO focuses resources on sharing data in Maryland's Prince George's County

Gerhard Eschelbeck goes to Washington
Qualys CTO's security research leads him to Congress, the FBI and the SANS Institute

Joshua Fost remains undaunted by vast global infrastructure 
Colliers International CTO launches Web sites across 51 countries and 14 languages

Yogesh Gupta loves his job -- and his tech budget
Computer Associates CTO luxuriates in an extraordinary R&D budget

Raymond Karrenbauer leaps ahead of competitors
ING Americas CTO uses plug-and-play to allow company to respond to new opportunities around the world

Jim Kirkley strives for balance in his application designs
QAD CTO and cyberecologist believes good supply-chain management requires human input

Srinivas Koushik shows the insurance industry how it's done online
Nationwide CTO is using Web services to streamline agency relationships

Ashish Kumar finds customers' survival in new technologies
Avanade CTO touts the benefits of consolidation and integration

Brad Kummer believes in the power of simplicity
Cogent Communications CTO wants to keep telecom free of costly, unwanted features

Jerry McElhatton turns simple ideas into massive successes
MasterCard CTO's multimillion-dollar upgrade helps company become top U.S. card issuer

Phyllis Michaelides wants to know who they really are
Textron's chief technologist deploys an identity management system that puts company ahead of the curve

Steve Orrin believes in location, location, location
Sanctum CTO stridently advocates embedded security

Greg Papadopoulos finds greatness in architecture
Sun CTO leads company's N1 deployment, taking one great step for grid computing

Shane V. Robison channels engineering prowess
Hewlett-Packard CTO brings together the company's talent for trend spotting

Thomas Sanzone acts as tech role model
Citigroup CTO transforms technologists into proactive innovators

Wade Schott challenges self and staff
General Dynamics CTO achieves company improvements in record time

Charles W. Stevenson makes peace between Linux and Microsoft camps
Gupta CTO concentrates on seemingly contradictory technologies

Scott Thompson feels the world watching
Visa CTO must make new systems work the moment they're installed

John M. Watkins Jr. proves the wisdom of investing in technology
Fairchild Semiconductor CIO delivered an e-business platform to serve tens of thousands of customers

Fred Weber pushes AMD out of Intel's shadow
AMD's CTO led the company's 64-bit development efforts with a passion for innovation

Barry West makes waves with innovative features
Nextel CTO plans to double capacity without blowing company's budget

Gordon Van Huizen dreams of manageable integration
Sonic Software CTO combines XML with messaging for standards-based platform

CTOs to watch
These four up-and-coming technologists are working to make technology safer and software faster

Editor's note
Choosing just 25 CTOs to honor wasn't easy, but here's how we did it


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