Best development tools

Microsoft Silverlight rivals Flash, AJAX
Redmond's new rich Internet application boasts strong development tools, a small browser footprint, and cross-platform support

Refining the art of enterprise Web apps
JackBe Presto and Nexaweb Enterprise Web 2.0 Suite converge on a powerful and productive model for server-side mashups supporting AJAX clients

Top AJAX tools deliver rich GUI goodness
Backbase, Bindows, JackBe, and Tibco General Interface bring fat features to enterprise Web clients

Surveying open-source AJAX toolkits
Packages from Dojo, Zimbra, Yahoo, Microsoft, Google, and OpenRico/Prototype showcase the variety of libraries available to AJAX developers

Adobe Flex 2.0 enriches the RIA development experience
Adobe adds a simpler UI, Web services connections, and plenty more

Easy-to-learn Curl 5.0 equips developers to create powerful RIAs
Curl up with a comfortable rich Internet application IDE 

InfiView 1.0: An AJAX graphics work in progress
Bindows-based platform offers powerful interactive capabilities to developers who can master its quirks

Clean up your SOAP-based Web services
The Test Center inspects five worthy tools for keeping your services squeaky clean

Three open source Web service testing tools get high marks
Capable soapUI, TestMaker, and WebInject toolsets shine once you conquer their learning curves

Reinvigorated Java IDEs change the development landscape
Java IDEs have improved steadily over the last few years. Products from IBM, Borland, and Sun show just how far they've come

Trolltech trumps traditional Java GUI tools
Iconic GUI toolkit vendor brings its rich recipe to Java, though C++ orientation remains

Jtest continues its trek toward code-testing supremacy
Version 8 of Parasoft's Java test tool sports impressive BugDetective analysis features

Java unit tests you forgot to run
AgitarOne exercises Java code in unique and compelling ways, but not without some agitations for users

Coverity and Klocwork code analyzers drill deeper
Industry leaders show remarkable scalability and prowess but differ in design philosophy

Exclusive: AppSight gets the bugs out of your apps
Latest version of logging software puts faster bug location, reproduction in developers' hands -- for a steep price

A developer's-eye view of Mac OS X Leopard
Tom Yager explores Apple's newest operating system to identify its strengths as well as weaknesses. The strengths, though, are clearly in the majority.

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