Lessons from the verticals
InfoWorld takes a hard look at five industries and highlights innovative solutions to IT's toughest problems

Financial services: High pressure, high performance
In financial services, slight slowdowns in transaction volume can equal big losses. No wonder IT invests big in new technology -- while keeping regulatory wolves at bay

Retail: The ultimate distributed architecture
Low-tech IT, far-flung locations, and a patchwork of inventory requirements demand ingenious solutions, especially on a shoestring budget

Telecommunications: Grappling with M&A mania
How many plates can you spin? Try merging huge IT infrastructures with mishmashes of legacy systems while trying to beat the competition with new services

Health care: Doctors without desks
As doctors and nurses wander hospital campuses, they need anytime, anywhere access to confidential medical information

Government: Unlocking data, locking down access
The federal government is on a mission to expose content from legacy systems in portals, but it also must meet stringent new access control regulations


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>> Lessons from the verticals

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