2004 InfoWorld 100
InfoWorld honors a host of innovative new projects that highlight the resourcefulness of the IT community

UPS reinvents package flow
New software, smart labels, and improved processes deliver huge ROI

Mary Kay rejuvenates its supply chain
From ordering to manufacturing to inventory control, Mary Kay enjoys new visibility

Nationwide builds premium grid
A major insurer drastically cuts compute time on price modeling

Avnet broadens partner channel
Standardized interfaces enable smaller partners to engage in automated trade

BP monitors the rails
Enterprise adds sensors for safer, smarter chemical transport

All aboard BNSF’s voice portal
Railway conductors call on voice recognition to enter reports

FedEx Kinko’s delivers remote printing
A new Web services app puts FedEx Kinko’s on the MS Office Print menu

IT blueprint for 2005 
Supply chain, content management, storage, and wireless poised for a big year 


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