Microsoft sharpens interoperability focus
Four target areas cited by executives

Open XML translator for Word available
Plug-in for Office 2007 translates Open XML documents into ODF and vice versa

Truce arises in ODF battle
Microsoft was 'forced' to embrace OpenDocument Format, analyst says, but company insists proprietary Open XML is superior

Microsoft to put ODF support in Office
Open XML Translator project will ensure Microsoft products are compatible with ODF

Microsoft holds firm against ODF
Rather than support the recently certified ODF standard, Microsoft is sticking to its plan to make XML the default file format for Office 2007

IBM to adopt ODF for Lotus Notes
Version in fall will embed ODF-enabled version of OpenOffice

The evolution of office document standards
OpenDocument may be the Homo sapien to Microsoft Office's native-format Neanderthals

No love lost between Microsoft and OpenDocument
Third-party plug-in proves Microsoft's bad intentions toward the free document format

All eyes on Office as ODF gets the nod
Approval paves the way for office suites based on ODF to be more broadly adopted, proponents said Wednesday

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