Green IT: Shuffling virtual servers for optimum power efficiency
Today's datacenters squander AC power on excess capacity. But what if you could assemble dynamic, virtual server farms on the fly and consume only the power you need?

Storage: Services in the cloud will meet tomorrow’s storage needs
Storage remains a bear to manage -- and few signs point to significant improvement. The solution? Let someone else do it

SMB technology: Replacing in-house software with applications in the cloud
Applications delivered through the browser keep SMBs nimble by eliminating application maintenance costs

Databases: Packing larger sizes into smaller spaces
Databases are ballooning to gargantuan proportions, killing performance. That's why the next frontier is new compression technology

Middleware: Sharing behavior across a service-oriented landscape
New middleware will expose methods or service calls as if the whole application infrastructure were running on one big, local system

Security: The great privacy compromise
No magic technology bullet will solve the ongoing crisis in enterprise security. The answer is political -- and a long way off

Networks: A fabric smarter than its end points
As switches, routers, and servers bulk up on processing power, the pendulum is swinging back to intelligence residing in the network itself

Desktop technology: Streaming to a screen near you
The technology is finally here for application virtualization, which solves the desktop management problem that has cursed IT for decades

Virtualization: A new era of roaming desktops
Application virtualization will make IT’s life much simpler by separating application code from the platform on which it runs. And the technology is ready to roll

Offshoring: Staying closer to home
India and China are about to get some competition, thanks to a recent surge in near-shoring in Canada and Latin America

Business models: A million ways to pay as you go
In a few years time, what will it be like to buy software by subscription? Consult your mobile phone calling plan for a preview

Open source: Innovation through recombination
The stage is set for open source to reinvent itself, fashioning new solutions by borrowing the best code across a broad spectrum of software

Application development: The new face of Internet apps
Blending the best of conventional desktop and Web apps, rich Internet applications occupy the hottest app dev real estate around

Processors: Dividing chips into many virtual cores
The era of the big, muscular CPU is on the decline. The real trend is toward slicing and dicing cores virtually, one for each thread

High-performance computing: Supercomputing everywhere
Plummeting costs, Moore's Law, and creative new applications are making high-performance computing a commodity

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