Innovation, startups hot again in the enterprise
The Month of Enterprise Startups looks at companies that could become the superstars and flame-outs of the next two years

How to get bought by Google (or IBM, or Oracle)
Startups are trailblazing in the enterprise sector again, but where will the trail lead?

Startups class of '06: Where are they now?
Buyouts, build-outs, and shakeups shape last year's startups

VCs take startups on the road
VC-sponsored technology days introduce busy execs to the bleeding edge

Wage inflation sinks offshoring for one startup's decision to pull up stakes in India shows that for aspiring startups, offshoring isn't all its cracked up to be

Company Profiles

Panther Express: CDNs for the little guy
The NYC startup is knocking down the barriers to content distribution

Huddle: MySpace for the enterprise crowd
U.K. startup takes collaboration beyond the extranet

OpenSpan: Beyond the enterprise mashup
Company's unprecedented technology helps enterprises breathe new life into legacy apps by integrating them with newer software

oDesk: job search meets the online exchange
Not just an online employment service, oDesk is a virtual environment for contract workers and their employers with collaboration tools, a time clock, and monitoring features

Riya: New eyes on search
Visual search could revolutionize enterprise search and content management by allowing companies to catalog and quickly access non-text information.

Can scare Microsoft?
Hosted OS company plays David to Windows' Goliath

SugarCRM: Open source on the fast track
Back in 2004, the idea of an enterprise application based on open source code was off the wall. Today, SugarCRM is a striking example of what community-based development and viral marketing can do

Blue Lane Technologies: Patching servers in the network
Security startup's inline patch proxy takes the sting out of vulnerabilities in physical servers and virtual machines

Varonis matches data, fishy behavior
Large companies are drowning in data, which often leads to embarrassing and financially damaging leaks. Startup Varonis says securing networks starts with securing the data itself

Nexo offers quick and easy collaboration
Any group, anywhere can take advantage of this service for creating simple group sites replete with handy little Web applications

3Leaf Systems: Scale up by scaling out
Silicon Valley virtualization startup pools commodity servers, reshaping enterprise datacenters

socialDragon: Advertisers get a piece of Average Joe
Snippets of ordinary life find their sponsor with this social networking startup

Bungee Labs: App dev as a service
Startup provides online incubator from development, to testing, to launch

Talend: Data integration for the masses!
Paris-based startup's Open Studio shaking up market dominated by big players, proprietary solutions

ColdWatt: making servers mean and green
Startup's energy-efficient power supplies take a bite out of operations costs

Provilla plugs enterprise data leaks
Startup targets leaks on PDAs, smartphones, laptops

Not your father’s mashup
Teqlo promises to take Web 2.0 applications to the next level by automating the sequencing of events in mashups

Silver Peak Systems: Transforming WANs into LANs
Latecomer to the WAN optimization market wants to reduce branch office pain

Octopz grabs on to Web collaboration
Social network targets creative professionals by emphasizing visual effects

Vidoop looks to change image of sign-on
With a single sign-on system that uses grids of images to create one-time passwords, Vidoop maintains that it can revolutionize online authentication

Cleversafe takes a slice out of storage
Open source project taps grids to store massive amounts of data

Hyperic: Open sourcing systems management
Startup using open source, business savvy to challenge systems management giants

MuleSource: Lightweight integration for heavyweight companies
Open source startup's 'meta bus' simplifies software integration

Code Green gives red light to data leaks
Startup brings leak protection to small, midsize firms

Cogneto: to identity and beyond!
Startup uses authentication as springboard to hosted identity services

Truviso: New tricks with old SQL
Event stream processing startup brings tried-and-true database technology to a new world of real-time data management

Venyo improves the reputation of Web 2.0
How can you trust what you read in social media? Get users to rate the source, and make that rating stick

Attensa unlocks knowledge with RSS
Beyond e-mail: feeding information to the enterprise, Web 2.0-style

Securent takes access control to a new level
Going beyond conventional access control, Securent lets administrators determine what users can and can't do after they're logged in

ConnectBeam: Social bookmarks behind the firewall
Taking collaboration to the next level by tapping into your employees' knowledge

Zenoss: Bringing open source to enterprise management
Startup born from the failure of IBM Tivoli views the community as its foundation for success

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