AJAX, JavaServer Faces ties to get stronger
Panelists tout technology combination

Sun’s JavaFX helps bridge digital divide, McNealy says
McNealy: Digital divide will not be solved by mainframes and PCs but by thin client computing, SaaS, and Java-enabled phones

Q&A: GlassFish shows open source at its best
In an interview, Sun's Ken Drachnik discusses how GlassFish, the open-source Java code, has sped up the development cycle and enabled more sophisticated apps

Intel linking Itanium to Java
But Sun not committed to building systems for 64-bit CPU

Java to get 'superpackage' for software distribution
Sun, Nokia,  and Teamprise detail new Java developments

Sun partners with Ericsson on Java platform
The telecom company will team up with Sun, providing parts of its server development to the Glassfish community to help in developing open-source apps for mobile networks

McNealy sees roomy market for JavaFX
Because JavaFX can take advantage of the installed base of Java runtimes, "this is a unique and different model," Sun chairman says

Sun: The bulk of Java is open sourced
Sun will work with the open-source community to rewrite 'encumbered' components to replace the current closed-source code

Sun's JavaFX to take on AJAX, Silverlight
JavaFX, which covers Java development in desktops and mobile devices as well as online, is Sun's latest push into the rich Internet apps world

Sun: Pay open-source developers
Current Robin Hood-in-reverse scenario of taking code for free in order to enrich corporations is called unsustainable

Oracle focuses on app server, AJAX at JavaOne
The company has plenty of announcements in the works for the conference, including a donation of more than 80 JavaServer Faces components to Apache

Will Sun ever join Eclipse?
Is Sun Microsystems ready to join the rival Eclipse Foundation for open source tooling?

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