Tales of heroic hacks and inspired work-arounds
Hands-on experts make IT miracles happen in surprising ways

Hack Tales: Air-gap networking for the price of a pair of sneakers
Cheap USB storage and a little ingenuity made all the difference

Hack Tales: Keeping track of tools the wireless way
This Wi-Fi hack meant tools need never go missing again

Hack Tales: Virtualization helps swing an Exchange upgrade
Microsoft's thorny install path was no problem with the help of virtual servers

Hack Tales: Keeping thin clients synced from coast to coast
Ingenuity and creative Perl did away with laborious system configuration

Hack Tales: Network auditing on a shoestring
Complete map of network shares and access rights kept business auditors happy

Hack Tales: E-mail archiving the home-brew way
Custom code allowed one company to sidestep costly management solutions

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