The state of enterprise architecture
Welcome to InfoWorld’s crystallization of the ideal enterprise, a prism with seven architectural views: secure, process-driven, pervasive, service-oriented, data-centric, needs-based, and open

Data-centric architectures
Enterprises are increasingly focused on unifying their enterprisewide data and designing architectures to maximize the usefulness and accessibility of that data

Process-driven architectures
Enterprises are tailoring their architectures to the key business processes that they must support and comply with

Secure architectures
Enterprises are increasingly designing security into every aspect of their systems from the get-go, rather than retroactively

Lightweight and open architectures
Enterprises are using cheap, lightweight components and open source software to address large-scale challenges

Pervasive architectures
Enterprise environments are being designed for anytime, anywhere access to company resources, apps, and data

Service-oriented architectures
Enterprises are leveraging the SOA model to lay the groundwork for a more efficient and flexible IT future

Needs-based architectures
Enterprises must provide different levels of service to different users according to need and assign the right resources dynamically


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The State of Enterprise Architecture

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