DEMOfall 2007

Startup company asked to leave DEMOfall
mEgo booted out of show because it had presented itself at another, earlier technology event

No, not another Microsoft killer
Communicating, organizing and running meetings, and deconstructing Office were the order of the day

Enabling technologies have their day at DEMO
Tuesday's afternoon sessions at Demo in San Diego offered up an instructive look behind the scenes at the enabling technologies that will drive high tech's future capabilities.

DEMO startups say its all about community -- Ugh!
Okay, number one, who is this community? Sounds like something out of that great British TV series the Prisoner.

DEMOfall launches with video innovators
The lights go down, the noise comes up, and DEMOfall 07 is underway

DEMO '07 presenter to light up copper wire
Global Communications unveils Video over Untwisted Pair, which can digitize light to deliver broadcast-quality content

Special preview: DEMOfall '07 highlights
A new crop of startups take the stage to pitch their wares, and as usual, the accent is on Web 2.0 and collaboration

Herd behavior demonstrated at Demo
There is safety in numbers -- but not in our security quiz

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