Sun shines on silver anniversary
Despite recent troubles, the company remains a technological force with independent streak

At 25, Sun struggles to reinvent itself
In a bid to shape its future, Sun Microsystems must look to its past

Interview: Bechtolsheim hails open-source moves
Sun co-founder also expresses regrets that company was slow to embrace x86 chips

Sun at 25: Where are the founders now?
InfoWorld catches up with some key figures from the first 25 years of Sun Microsystems

VIDEO: Sun at 25 -- What comes next?
On the occasion of it Sun's 25 anniversary, InfoWorld editor in chief Steve Fox checks in with Sun's John Gage on the future of Java, Sun's open source plans, and more (Part I of a two-part interview)


View a retrospective of Sun's 25-year history:

»  25 years of Sun

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