2007 Technology of the Year Award winners
Forty-one products garnered top honors from the InfoWorld Test Center. Find all the winners in our slideshow series


SOA: The great shopping spree
Big SOA fish gobble smaller ones as the focus shifts to governance

Virtualization: The road to production
VMware and a supporting cast lead VMs into datacenters

Open Source: Key projects turn pro
Commercial software vendors back open software for proprietary ends

Hardware: Multicore rolls on
AMD, Intel, IBM, and Sun continue the innovation

Software Development: Simplicity tops the agenda
Lightweight and service-oriented approaches combine sophistication and ease

Web 2.0: New technologies greet the enterprise
RSS, wikis, social nets, and search weave a more collaborative Web

Applications: SaaS breaks down the walls
Hosted applications continue to remove enterprise objections

Storage: Hardware takes a backseat
Intelligent data management grabs the wheel of the enterprise

Networking: Convergence is at hand
Maturation of 10-Gig, combined monitoring, and built-in defenses top developments

Security: A year of reassessment
Anti-virus nears breaking point, IPS tests limits, and the worm still turns


Dual-core desktop blues
Advances in end-user hardware outstrip software support

Dawn of the Web office
Productivity applications are being remade in the Web's image

Microsoft ends 2006 with a bang
Office, Exchange, and Vista highlight a prolific year in Redmond

Apple's Intel migration
The leap to dual-core Woodbridge sets the stage for Leopard 


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