Sun's McNealy urges developers to change the world
Former CEO, now chairman, calls on developers to bridge the worldwide digital divide through Java, Web services, thin clients

Sun makes partial Eclipse move
IBM details Jazz team collaboration project at JavaOne

Sun offers 100 free CPU hours to grid developers
In bid to attract programmers to use Sun Grid, company also provides private project space, other incentives

BEA dispels misconceptions about middleware
Company also teams up with Interface21 to back the Spring framework

Developers hold key to Sun's future
Developers love free, and they drive the adoption of new technology in the enterprise, Sun CEO says

Make way for SOA 2.0
Oracle, Gartner talk up the next-generation version of SOA

Alfresco open sources content management
Enterprise edition of Alfresco 1.3 is now completely open source

Sun lays out Java road maps
Project Semplice, one dot on the map, will enable Visual Basic developers to use Java

Sun releases Java EE 5, promises openness
Over the years, the company has open sourced many Java components, but has stopped short of opening up the core Java specifications

Sun makes big open-source moves
The company will release Java portal server and development tools, and says open sourcing Java is only a matter of how

JavaOne: BEA showing PHP on Java app server
EJB 3 technology also to be showcased; Sybase touts Eclipse-based dev tool

Sun: NetBeans adding JBoss, AMD
Open source Java issues also talked up at event

Motorola seeks mobile unity at JavaOne
Motorola and Eclipse will unveil open source initiatives at the conference this week to broaden Java’s mobile and software ecosystem

Oracle to boost AJAX, Java
Oracle will submit its AJAX render kit, and announce a reference implementation of the Java Persistence Architecture at next week’s JavaOne conference

Gosling: Java source code already available
The current model for Java is close to an open source model, the technology’s father said

Java to get Linux boost
Sun, others talk up new enterprise version of programming language

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