2006 InfoWorld Compensation Survey: IT salaries are back on track and headed north
Salaries are climbing, but long hours, outsourcing, and a slew of contract jobs continue to fuel job security anxiety

Salary survey: IT jobs by the numbers
Tech executives across the board brought home the better part of this year’s pay gains

Salary survey: Myriad factors fuel IT salary increases
Senior managers capitalized on adding responsibilities to their job description, whereas middle managers relied more on standard increases

Salary survey: Bonuses for all in IT
Profit sharing and completed projects proved key to this year’s modest increase in bonus awards

Salary survey: IT management misperceptions
Perceptions among business executives as to the value of IT is affected by factors such as outsourcing and overinvestment

Salary survey: Reasons why IT workers fear the ax
Fear of offshoring spread up the company ladder, as more managers felt the rise in overseas initiatives have left jobs vulnerable

Salary survey: IT employment opportunities
Executives are seeking to move up, middle managers appear content to stay put, and staff are feeling underpaid

Salary survey: IT challenges on the horizon
Hiring freezes, layoffs, and increased reliance on outsourcing are growing concerns among survey respondents

Salary survey: IT reliance on outsourcing remains
Tapping external sources to get the job done shows no sign of slowing, while one in three initiatives is undertaken offshore


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