Platforms snap, crackle, and pop
Processors, operating systems, application frameworks -- in stasis for many years -- are on the move again

Networking plumbing needs repair
Manageability, speed, and security remain top three priorities for 2004

Storage technologies lay groundwork for expansion
SATA and SAS fuel faster, denser disk arrays, while iSCSI makes for more flexible storage networks

App dev rides the virtual machine
Microsoft .Net, Java, PHP, and Flash runtimes drive Web app development

Databases get a grip on XML
Innovative solutions bridge the gap between data objects and documents

Enterprise apps extend their reach
Major vendors compete on integration and data management

Collaboration makes its presence felt
Modular products, presence awareness continue to make headway; spam and IM islands remain problems

Security regroups and rebuilds
Most of the already good products got better, but security was short on innovation in 2003

The year’s best products
Drawn from the more than 200 products we tested during 2003, these Technology of the Year Award winners represent the most innovative and effective solutions in their category

If our wishes were vendors’ commands
Products we needed yesterday but still don’t have

Test Center Picks and Pans
Our first annual awards in celebration of curious developments and dubious achievements


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