No. 1: It’s probably not the servers
Even today's low-end servers have power to spare, so in most cases you can look elsewhere for bottlenecks

No. 2: Speed up those queries
Clunky queries put the brakes on performance. Diagnostic tools and fine tuning can make a major difference

No. 3: What cost, virus protection?
The overhead of virus scanning varies widely from product to product. Make sure yours isn't a resource hog

No. 4: Maximizing the middle tier
App servers have all kinds of controls to tune run-time performance. Here are a few likely places to start fiddling

No. 5: Optimize network connectivity
Gigabit NICs and switches have become commodities -- but it's quite possible you're not getting the most out of them

No. 6: Winding up your Web servers
With just a few settings, you can adjust your Web server to match traffic volume and serve up those pages faster

No. 7: The woe of the WAN
There's more to WAN performance than just the size of the pipe between offices

No. 8: Let’s play nice
With increasing integration across organizations, contention for shared resources is a real problem

No. 9: Caching, shaping, limiting, oh my!
If a WAN has too little bandwidth, there's still plenty you can do to keep performance humming along

No. 10: Predictive patching
Patches are a fact of life -- and a common cause of problems, so test them before you deploy them

No. 11: Keeping your cool
Those with temperature-controlled datacenters needn't worry. Everyone else should watch the thermometer

No. 12: Reining in mirroring and replication
Business continuity has its cost in terabits shuttled between sites, so keep replication traffic under control

No. 13: 'My cable modem is faster'
When users argue that their home Internet connection is faster than the one at work, if you can't beat 'em, join 'em

No. 14: Estimating future speed
Today's IT is all about adapting to change, which you should predict and simulate in a staging environment

No. 15: Profiling to maximize performance
Ready to deploy a new homegrown application? Not until you use a profiling tool to identify bottlenecks in the code


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