Tech startups to watch
InfoWorld selects 15 startups whose technologies meet tough IT challenges and introduce intriguing new capabilities

ActiveGrid speeds Web application development
An open source application development and deployment company delivers SOA-like capabilities in lightweight, agile form

Akimbi virtualizes the application test bench
With Akimbi's virtual environments, IT can test and deploy multiple configurations with far less overhead

ConSentry locks down the network
With ConSentry's LANShield appliance, enterprises gain new control over network access without new switches or sluggish software solutions

Determina pre-hacks applications against intruders
By drilling into applications, predicting what an attack would look like, and monitoring behavior, Determina's Memory Firewall provides a new line of defense

Fabric7 promises high-end servers at low cost
An array of inexpensive Opteron processors plus commodity virtualization underlie the new, muscular server architecture developed by Fabric7's innovative engineering team

Fortify scours code for security vulnerabilities
Fortify offers a code-level line of defense against those who would attack enterprise Web applications to wreak havoc or reap ill-gotten gains

Gigamon offers one view of many monitoring systems
Today's network uses a range of monitoring systems; Gigamon's switch manages traffic into and out of them

Jitterbit shakes up application integration
Do you really need a mile-high stack of middleware to integrate? Jitterbit thinks it can be a lot simpler than that

JotSpot delivers enterprise wikis and mashups
Take the wiki concept a fathom deeper, and you'll find JotSpot's platform for enterprisewide collaboration

Splunk combs log files for hidden problems
Plumbing the depths of log files and other metadata, Splunk helps IT find the telltale patterns that reveal what's really going on

Sxip simplifies identity management across domains
How do you reconcile user identities across organizational boundaries? Sxip wants you to use its appliance

TrueDemand keeps retailers from running out of stock
Too much or too little inventory can kill a business. TrueDemand's heavy-duty analytics software keeps the supply of goods on track

XenSource rolls out cross-platform virtualization
Xen, the open source alternative to VMware and Microsoft Virtualization Server, goes commercial

Zenprise spots Microsoft Exchange failures
Once Zenprise gets to know an enterprise's e-mail patterns, its knowledge base and adaptive analysis simplify mail server management

Zimbra's Web-based platform takes aim at conventional e-mail
Using AJAX, Zimbra delivers a surprisingly rich Web-based e-mail client, but its mail server and extensive integration capabilities are equally impressive

Charting startup investment trends
Our examination of the venture fabric turns up some common threads -- and some interesting possibilities for the near future


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>> 15 tech startups to watch

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