• June 10, 2008

    Apple launches the iPhone 3G

    Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a much-anticipated second-generation iPhone that offers access to faster 3G networks, more features, and a lower price
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  • June 2, 2008

    The best CTOs of 2008

    The CTO's job can be both exhilarating and thankless. Exhilarating in that you get to explore new technologies and figure out how to apply them to create new business opportunities or solve thorny business problems. Thankless in that there's always pressure to do more with less, solve the impossible, and get people to go along with change they may not appreciate. We honor the best CTOs -- those who use good people, the right technology, and management skills to meet business challenges.
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  • May 13, 2008

    Hewlett-Packard scoops up EDS

    HP's $13.9 billion deal to acquire EDS catapults it into the No. 2 spot in the IT services business behind IBM, but is another difficult integration process, like with the Compaq merger, worth the risk?
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  • April 28, 2008

    Interop 2008

    Network technologies, security, and enterprise apps share the stage at one of the largest annual IT shows
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  • April 23, 2008

    Rich Web development tools bring bling to the browser

    Frameworks for rich Internet applications can be lightweight or heavyweight, open or closed, and almost anything in between. Explore them all in this handy guide including Test Center reviews of Adobe AIR, Microsoft Silverlight, Curl, Backbase, Bindows, JackBe Presto, Nexaweb, Tibco General Interface, Dojo, Prototype, Google Web Toolkit, Yahoo User Interface, and more
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  • April 22, 2008

    2008 InfoWorld Green 15 awards

    InfoWorld has selected 15 organizations that have embraced sustainable technologies to reap environmental benefits, such as cutting waste and reducing their carbon footprints, all the while achieving significant business goals.
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  • April 21, 2008

    IT's guide to the Macintosh

    More people are using the Mac. And the compatibility and support barriers aren't at all what you may think. Businesses today can bring the Mac in as an option. This special report examines the pros and cons.
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  • April 15, 2008

    Performance insights through Windows Sentinel

    Managing and understanding Windows performance can be a difficult task, yet a mission-critical one for IT. InfoWorld and Devil Mountain Software have teamed up to provide a simple monitoring tool so you can monitor your own systems from almost anywhere. And the you can learn from the experiences of others -- and from Devill Mountain's aggregated performance data from a community of thousands -- just what the key desktop and server performance issues are, and what to do about them.
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  • April 8, 2008

    RSA Conference 2008

    RSA's annual security conference hits San Francisco, serving up a raft of information security news on emerging and ongoing security threats and malware thwarting trends. Here are the latest developments from the conference floor.
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  • April 7, 2008

    Inside the emerging world of cloud computing

    You hear the phrase almost everywhere you turn. But don't let the hype fool you: Cloud computing is real, and IT needs to start experimenting with the several options available through the cloud.
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  • April 1, 2008

    InfoWorld April Foolery

    Gotcha! ... Or did we? From the plausible to the absurd, we give you a fool's paradise of April 1 tech fun and insights.
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  • March 6, 2008

    IT's guide to the iPhone

    Apple's iPhone and iPod Touch are mainly aimed at consumers. But executives and even IT staff have brought these milestone smartphones into the business in a way that IT can't avoid. From app dev to security, discover how to frame your iPhone strategy with this special report.
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  • February 27, 2008

    Microsoft's server big bang

    They've been a long time coming, even though many of the components have dribbled out over time. Microsoft has formally released almost all of its new-generation server and development platforms. Discover what all the pieces are and how they fit together.
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