Quiz: What's your social media personality type?

Are you an Oversharer? An Overcompensator? A full-fledged Social Media Circus Act? Take this quick quiz and find out once and for all what kind of social media personality you possess

By JR Raphael

Social media is full of colorful characters. You've got folks who overshare, those who overcompensate, and those who turn social networks into their own personal pulpits. Then there are those insufferable dipwads who call themselves "social media experts" and use social media primarily to discuss ways to effectively use social media.

While it may be easy to identify someone else’s social media personality type, it isn't always so simple to know what sort of vibe you're broadcasting to the world. That's why we've developed this highly scientific quiz to help you figure out what kind of social media personality you possess.

Answer the following questions honestly, and in a matter of minutes, all shall be revealed.

1. How many social networks do you actively use in a typical week?
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