The best office apps for Android
Beach Reads for Techies

destroyed hard drive

9 creative ways to destroy sensitive data

Feeling aggressive about getting rid of sensitive records? We've got the answer! Here are a few ways to ensure data security, including some that include a drill and a hammer; goggles optional

The road warrior’s essential mobile toolkit: Summer edition

Survive vacation! A mobile toolkit for the road

Off the beaten path doesn’t mean offline, as long you take these mobile essentials with you

summer moocs

12 fun, free summer classes for techies

MOOCs from EdX, Coursera, and newcomer Kadenze tackle superheroes, science of cooking, alien worlds, and more

Chrome tools every Web developer will love

Chrome tools every Web developer will love

Chrome DevTools and powerful add-ons lend keen insights into your code

Old computer monitors in a dumpster

6 historic tech items rescued from the trash

These pieces of technology history were almost lost for good until they were rescued from a dumpster, landfill, or recycling center

single sign on tools review 1

7 top tools for single sign-on

In the few years since we last looked at single sign-on products, the field has gotten more crowded and more capable

Chromebook Productivity Tips

6 productivity tips for Chromebook power users

These smart features make working on a Chromebook snappier and seamless

Fathers Day tech gifts

Top techie Father’s Day gifts

The Apple Watch, a home security system, gadgets for the grill, and 'Star Wars'-themed headphones all make the list of great Father’s Day buys

windows 10 build 1022

Windows 10 wish list: 10 things users are still begging for

Tabbed Windows. A customizable login screen. Tens of thousands of votes have poured in for these features and more, but time's running out for these features to make it into Windows 10's launch version.

graduates school ceremony education

Voice of experience: What IT newbies should know

Leaving college and entering the job market? Learn from the techs who've gone before

software development

9 powerfully useful PowerShell tools

Microsoft's mighty Windows administration framework gets even better with the help of these tools and materials

The smart home ... of horror!

Welcome to the smart home ... of horror!

Security issues are darkening the future of home automation and the Internet of things

6 hottest IT jobs for new tech grads

6 hottest IT jobs for new tech grads

College graduates are entering the workforce, and interest in STEM and IT careers is reaching new heights

A fly using a walker

Superbugs: 11 software bugs that took way too long to squash

All software has bugs, but even the most well known applications can have errors and vulnerabilities that somehow go undetected for years -- or decades.

9 movies that get IT (almost) right

9 movies that get IT (almost) right

Hollywood hackers too often fail to capture the true triumphs -- and mind-numbing drudgery -- of endless hours at the console

security tools 1

13 security experts pick their must-have tools

Here are 13 top picks for protecting enterprise networks, straight from the experts

technologies you shouldn't buy yet

10 utterly wonderful technologies you shouldn't buy yet

These inventions are great! But be patient, 'cause they need a bit more time to be fully baked

Google IO 2015

7 things we’re looking for at Google I/O 2015

Here's a look ahead to next week’s Big Google Thing in San Francisco

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