A fly using a walker
9 movies that get IT (almost) right

security tools 1

13 security experts pick their must-have tools

Here are 13 top picks for protecting enterprise networks, straight from the experts

technologies you shouldn't buy yet

10 utterly wonderful technologies you shouldn't buy yet

These inventions are great! But be patient, 'cause they need a bit more time to be fully baked

Google IO 2015

7 things we’re looking for at Google I/O 2015

Here's a look ahead to next week’s Big Google Thing in San Francisco

owl college graduate school briefcase

10 tips to help college tech grads enter the workforce

Experts share how recent grads can prepare for a job search and make sure they are ready to enter a competitive marketplace

intro hp

5 things you must do after a job interview

You rocked the interview, but your work isn't over yet. Here are five things you need to do after an interview to help close the deal

Get your Chromebook ready for work

13 Chromebook tools for getting down to business

From collaboration apps to developer extensions, powerful add-ons open up Chromebooks for business

devil angel businessman good evil thought consider sin

Mean, rude, and angry: Tales of the toxic office

Beware of the nasty, mean-spirited, or competitive person in the next cubicle who can muck up a tech pro’s job

working mother and child / work-life balance

Moms in tech: Tales and tips from the IT trenches

Mothers who work in technology share their best stories of work + children collisions -- and their go-to gadgets and apps for balancing the two

Picture of a sign that says Women Who Code

9 programming languages and the women who created them

From the dawn of mainframes through today, women have designed and developed programming languages that have had significant, lasting impact on software development

Bonus! 10 enticing, outrageous, and obscure perks for developers

10 enticing, outrageous, and obscure perks for developers

From custom shoes to baby bonuses, companies are pulling out all the stops to lure top talent

mobile job search

10 apps to take your job search mobile

Pressed for time but need to find a new job? Take your tech career search mobile with these 10 job search apps

weirdest job titles in tech

The 10 weirdest job titles in tech

IT has always been on the cutting edge of innovation and progressive thinking, and over the last few years it seems that IT job titles are evolving to reflect the quirkiness of the industry itself

microsoft build conference

Build 2015: Windows 10, holographic robots, and hot news from Microsoft's big event

Office is getting smarter, and so is your phone. Read about all of Microsoft's ambitious plans from Build 2015

brand writing wall

6 ways to boost your personal brand

Your personal brand is the set of unique talents, skills and personality that makes you exactly the right fit for your dream job

ewaste computers desktops trash pile dispose recycle

Tech time bombs: The components just waiting to wear out

Your computer's next point of failure might be further up the stack than you think

trophies ribbons winners prizes

Superclass: 14 of the world's best living programmers

When developers discuss the world's top programmers, these names tend to come up a lot

Drones Behaving Badly

Drones behaving badly: Dark skies ahead

Technical advances -- and questionable use -- are fast accelerating the need for policies regarding the unmanned future of our skies

colorful typewriter keyboard

11 keyboards beloved by programmers

Software developers can become quite attached to the keyboards they use to bang out code all day. Here are some models that have significant coder followings

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