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Review: Caffe deep learning conquers image classification

Caffe offers a strong brew for image processing, but the project shows signs of stalling

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Review: Microsoft Windows Defender comes up short

Windows 10 antivirus tool works well for consumer devices, but management quirks limit its enterprise usefulness.

Data science

Face-off: Oracle vs. HPE for data warehousing

Considering a data warehouse system? Download this free report for side-by-side comparisons of rival products from Oracle and HP Enterprise, based on reviews written by enterprise users of the products

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5 rock-solid Linux distros for developers

Developers want power, flexibility, stability, and ease, and these Linux distributions have it all

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Review: Threat hunting turns the tables on attackers

Game changing products from Sqrrl, Endgame, and Infocyte track down hidden Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs)

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MXNet review: Amazon's scalable deep learning

Amazon’s favorite deep learning framework scales across multiple GPUs and hosts, but it's rough around the edges

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Review: Microsoft Teams tries to do Slack one better

Microsoft is now offering the beta of Teams, its new group communications tool, which promises a new level of productivity for Office

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IBM MaaS360 delivers powerful, easy-to-use mobility management

The Maas360 implementation, although suffering from a dizzying array of options, does a very respectable job with only a minimum of rough edges

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8 free virtual appliances you’ll love

These prebuilt LAMP, MEAN, ELK, WordPress, and other handy stacks amount to gain without pain for developers and admins

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4 top disaster recovery packages compared

System administrators identify the best features — and what’s missing — in four leading software suites for disaster recovery

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Microsoft Word vs. Google Docs: Which works better for business?

Has Docs caught up to Word as an enterprise productivity application? We compare the two word processors to see which wins in today's online environment

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Review: GitLab rocks version control

Thanks to a solid foundation and delightful extras, this open source VCS is a serious contender

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First look: Visual Studio for Mac is here at last, almost

Xamarin-inspired IDE will allow C# and F# programmers to develop for iOS, Mac, and Android on a single machine, but is currently limited

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Review: Spark lights up machine learning

Spark ML brings efficient machine learning to large compute clusters and combines with TensorFlow for deep learning

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IT users review 6 software test management tools

Developers use test management tools — from vendors such as HPE, Microsoft, and IBM — to manage their software quality-assurance programs, and identify the best and worst features

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LG V20 review: The Android phone for hard-core enthusiasts

Forget about LG's content-creation claims: The V20 is the smartphone for nerds who just want to play

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13-inch MacBook Pro review: Too many trade-offs

The entry-level 2016 MacBook Pro -- the one without a Touch Bar -- compromises on graphics, ports, and RAM speed

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Review: Microsoft takes on TensorFlow

Microsoft Cognitive Toolkit is fast and easy to use, but a little wet behind the ears

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