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Moving legacy applications to the cloud

Moving legacy applications to the cloud

Enterprises accumulate hundreds of applications essential to the business over the years. Many can benefit from a move to the cloud

GitHub Deep Dive promo

Quick guide: 20 tips and tricks for Git and GitHub users

Get the most out of the programming world's favorite distributed version control system with these essential pointers for Git and GitHub

professional programmer's business survival guide Deep Dive promo

The professional programmer's business survival guide

Faulty foundations, AWOL contractors, bugs piling up, nightmare clients -- find out how to handle the real-world problems faced by programmers

Deep Dive promo Linux admin essentials

InfoWorld's quick guide to Linux admin essentials

What every Linux admin should know: Choose the right Unix distro, and brush up on your Bash programming

Deep Dive promo open source tools for Windows admins

Quick guide: 15 must-have open source tools for Windows admins

Sure, Microsoft has a ton of useful admin tools, but terrific, complementary open source options abound

InfoWorld Technology of the Year Awards 2015 Deep Dive promo

Technology of the Year Awards: The best hardware and software of 2015

InfoWorld reveals the best tools and technologies for developers, IT professionals, and businesses

Deep Dive flash storage

Flash: The role of solid-state storage in the data center

Flash-based storage in servers and SANs can bring an enormous performance boost to your applications. Here's what you need to know about today's hottest storage technology

Deep Dive promo MBaaS

Pick the right cloud for building your mobile apps

Which MBaaS is right for you? Take a tour through AnyPresence, Appcelerator, FeedHenry, Kinvey, and Parse, and find out which system works best for your mobile apps Deep Dive

Special report: Behind the scenes with

San Francisco startup is redefining the possibilities with JavaScript, radically raising the bar on what cross-platform Web and mobile apps can do

Devops Digital Spotlight

Download the Devops Digital Spotlight

With vastly increased demand for new code, enterprises can no longer afford long, slow development cycles. Enter devops, the game-changer in application deployment

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