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swift 2

Seven Swift 2 enhancements: Swift Playgrounds code files

Download these Swift Playground code sample files for a deeper look at Apple's seven essential enhancements to Swift 2 and Swift 2.1

InfoWorld's Windows 10 survival kit

The ultimate Windows 10 survivor kit

As soon as you install Windows 10, make sure you follow these 12 steps to ensure everything is in working order

InfoWorld Mobile Security Deep Dive

Mobile security: The InfoWorld Deep Dive

This guide, available in both PDF and ePub editions, explains the security capabilities inherent to each major mobile platform and where using third-party tools make sense -- and where they don't

2015 IDG Enterprise Mobile Survey promo image

2015 Survey: Building the Mobile Enterprise

Mobile technology is often cited as a critical business need. But is it critical in practice? This IT survey by IDG Enterprise shows that organizations' actual mobile deployments don't always match the strategic vision.

Windows 10 Deep Dive promo

Everything you need to know about Windows 10

Not only is Windows 10 a free upgrade, but Microsoft will push out improvements continually. Should you jump on this train? Read InfoWorld’s comprehensive evaluations to find out

Rise of the Developers white paper promo

Special report: Extending the reach of enterprise developers

There's a quiet revolution taking place in the software development space, with a focus on learning, leadership, and communications

Google Go Deep Dive promo

What you need to know about Google Go

In a short five years, Google Go has jumped to the forefront among programming languages. Get the scoop on this phenomenon with InfoWorld's Deep Dive, including coding tips and use cases

Deep Dive promo Hands-on with 17 JavaScript editors and IDEs

Hands-on with 17 JavaScript editors and IDEs

Need a JavaScript tool for your dev shop? InfoWorld takes an in-depth, hands-on look at 17 JavaScript tools ready for adoption

How to build a mobile app on Azure Deep Dive promo

How to build a mobile app on Azure

Among the major clouds offering mobile back ends as a service, InfoWorld judged Microsoft’s to be the best. Now you can get started with Azure Mobile Services, and create your mobile app fast

Learn to crunch big data with R Deep Dive promo

Quick guide: Learn to crunch big data with R

Get started using the open source R programming language to do statistical computing and graphics on large data sets

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