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How to build a mobile app on Azure

Among the major clouds offering mobile back ends as a service, InfoWorld judged Microsoft’s to be the best. Now you can get started with Azure Mobile Services, and create your mobile app fast

How to build a mobile app on Azure Deep Dive promo

Building mobile apps used to be hard. You spent time rolling your own cloud services, integrating with various push services, building databases, even setting up single-sign on -- that is, installing the plumbing when you could be writing code instead.

Then enter MBaaS (mobile back end as a service), which offers the infrastructure and features to get your app up and running in no time. Among the MBaaSes InfoWorld tested, Microsoft's Azure Mobile Services came out on top and is ready for your app development needs.

From setup all the way to management, InfoWorld guides you through the process of creating a mobile app. Get started with Azure Mobile Services for your apps with InfoWorld's downloadable PDF.

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