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Quick guide: How to move to Office 365

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Thinking of moving to Office 365? InfoWorld guides you through the crucial steps to take before, during, and after for a successful migration

How to migrate to Office 365

More users are moving or thinking of moving to Office 365, but the transition takes more than signing up for an account and business as usual. For an effective and optimal Office 365 migration, you must take steps before, during, and after your decision.

In this extensive guide, InfoWorld offers expert advice in taking your business to the cloud with Office 365. InfoWorld's J. Peter Bruzzese helps map the process for potential adopters:

  • Assess the available Office 365 business options
  • Gather the best migration tools
  • Walk through each stage of the migration
  • Avoid the gotchas that often snag adopters

Whether or not you make the switch, it pays to get the big picture of an Office 365 migration. InfoWorld's downloadable PDF gives you the overview you need to make an informed decision, and should you go with Office 365, the guide fills in the finishing touches for a successful transition.

Download this PDF and take control of your Office 365 decision.

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