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Apple Swift: A programming primer

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Get the scoop on Swift, Apple's programming language that allows developers -- newbies and veterans alike -- to write OS X and iOS apps in modern syntax

Apple Swift Deep Dive

Swift, Apple’s programming language for iOS and OS X applications, has rocketed up the charts since it was introduced last June. “Everybody is curious to know what this new language is about,” says Paul Jansen, managing director at Tiobe, a software-quality tracking firm that also tracks programming languages’ popularity.

Why all the interest in Swift? The big reason is that it is meant to ultimately replace the 30-year-old Objective-C language that Apple has required developers use to write OS X and iOS applications.

But Swift is more than a language. It’s also an integral part of Apple’s Xcode development environment, complete with a featured called Playgrounds that teaches developers how to use Swift while writing in Swift. Whereas Xcode was developed after Objective-C, Swift was designed by Apple for use by Apple in its Xcode.

In this special report, InfoWorld catches you up on Apple's newest developer tool, from its origins to timely tips to hands-on programming pointers. Swift is both the language you've known all along and a major step up in mobile app development. InfoWorld shows you how to get started with it today.

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