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Windows Server 8: The InfoWorld special report

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Microsoft rolls out one of its most significant updates with the next version of Windows Server 8; find out what it means for your company

Windows Server 8 Deep Dive

Hailed as one of Microsoft's broadest, deepest releases, Windows Server 8 will replace the current version of the OS, Windows Server 2008, in 2012 about the same time the new companion desktop OS, Windows 8, is released. Microsoft has a broad set of goals to reach with this release, such as cloud compatibility and automation of routine tasks across multiple machines. The new release also benefits from Microsoft's work building out its own Azure cloud service. Many technologies developed for the server were tested in the cloud, and many technologies developed for Azure were then imported back to the server.

The result is a significant change in the server OS that most companies rely on for much of their operations. InfoWorld's expert authors take you through the changes in Windows Server 8 to help you get ready for this highly anticipated upgrade.

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