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Cloud-based backup and DR solutions have compelling advantages, but also significant limitations. Find out whether the cloud can meet your backup and recovery objectives

Leveraging the cloud for backup and disaster recovery DD

A virtually unlimited variety of cloud-based storage and backup solutions offers to streamline backup processes and at the same time lower costs, while new DRaaS (disaster recovery as a service) options promise to slash recovery times by spinning up a secondary site in the cloud. Is there a cloud-based backup and DR solution that's right for you? The answer will depend on the size and frequency of your backups, your recovery time objectives, the speed and reliability of your Internet links, and considerations such as the regulatory and compliance requirements related to your data. A cloud-based backup and DR solution may be just the ticket to gaining faster recovery time capabilities at a lower cost than alternatives, but keep in mind that a cloud solution isn't for everyone. You need to evaluate your needs and your options carefully.

This Deep Dive will help:

  • Explain the differences between traditional vs. cloud backup
  • Explore different cloud storage options
  • Address cloud provider stability
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