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SDN — and its promise of simpler, more flexible network operation — will inevitably impact every network and connected device on the planet

Software-defined networking Deep Dive

We have come very far with the concepts of traditional networking, but the ideas and tools that worked 25 years ago no longer cut it today. The very basis of our computing civilization — the network — must adapt. Software-defined networks as a concept has been around since roughly 2008, but deployments are now becoming prevalent in the larger networks in the world, and they're the way forward for networking. Download the Deep Dive to learn more about what SDNs are and how to deploy them.

In this Deep Dive, you'll find out:

  • Exactly how SDNs work
  • Why you need to be familiar with the SDN overlay model
  • What further uses of SDN mean for the development community
  • Our forecast for the future of SDN

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