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Keeping websites running efficiently is surprisingly difficult, but essential to user satisfaction and business success. Here’s how to make your website hum

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Keeping a modern website running smoothly and efficiently is surprisingly difficult, but essential to keeping customers in a hypercompetitive, technology-driven business world. Dynamic websites that weave together a highly personalized experience from scads of back-end services and data stores and services operate with a precision envied by the Swiss watch.

How do you ensure that all of the parts move in synchrony at high speed and at scale? Simplify the server-side logic. Build on a lightweight framework. Consider a stripped-down data store that trades unnecessary features for scalability and speed. Take maximum advantage of caching and content delivery networks. Tap sophisticated monitoring tools to identify the bottlenecks, and develop models to predict problems on high-traffic days. Keep those principles in mind, and let this deep dive be your guide.

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