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Digital Spotlight: Enterprise mobile app strategies that work

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Leading enterprises are gaining strong value from viewing smartphones and tablets as a strategic asset rather than a threat

Enterprise mobilty Digital Spotlight

It's astonishing how quickly mobile devices have become a fixture of business. That adoption happened so swiftly because, as with the PC revolution three decades ago, users brought them into the tent — with or without permission. Today, mobile devices for the enterprise must now be seen for what they truly are: enablers of new capability rather than pesky new endpoints IT must strive to control.

We’re at the start of a new era in which mobile technology becomes not just common but fundamental to information systems, both replacing some uses of the PC today and enabling new kinds of computing. That exciting but challenging shift is the reason InfoWorld decided to create a special Digital Spotlight on making mobile enablement a reality.

In the pages of the Mobile Enablement Digital Spotlight, you'll find InfoWorld's trademark forward-looking sensibility in articles covering exemplary use cases, mobile application strategies, approaches to mobile app dev, and more. We recommend paying special attention "Lessons from the Pioneers," Bob Violino's walkthrough of the mobile experiences of four enterprises -- including Wells Fargo and Coca-Cola Enterprises -- and the lessons they've been able to glean from those tales. We're sure that these stories and the other able guidance presented here will provide insight you can use in crafting your own mobile strategy.

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