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Operational BI provides a new weapon for line-of-business managers, serving up fresh, accurate data to optimize business processes from the supply chain to customer service. InfoWorld Contributing Editor David Linthicum, an experienced business intelligence consultant, outlines the benefits, offers planning tips, and explains how to avoid common problems

operational business intelligence Deep Dive

Instead of relying on a data warehouse that contains historical records of transactions, operational BI draws on current transactional data and other near-term business information -- including unstructured data. The objective is to enable business processes at the line-of-business level to become more efficient and effective. The Operational BI Deep Dive Report shows you how.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

  • A point-by-point explanation of how operational BI differs from conventional BI
  • A quick guide to planning an operational BI deployment using an ODS or database abstraction
  • Detailed advice on how to avoid common problems with operational BI deployments

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