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When handled intelligently, whitelisting is a tremendous asset to any business looking for a cost-effective means of bolstering its security. Here are the features you need to look for in whitelisting software and the steps you must take for successful deployment

Whitelisting Deep Dive

Whitelisting, also known as application control, turns the problem of fighting malware on its head: Rather than attempt to block all malware in the known universe, why not simply catalog all the legitimate executable files on a computer and prevent everything else from installing and/or running? It’s a simple, powerful idea. And our security guru, Roger Grimes, explains how to put that idea to work.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

  • Why you'd want to use a whitelist in order to maintain and reinforce network security
  • A complete list of features to look for when assessing whitelisting software
  • How to deploy a whitelist without causing yourself or your users unnecessary pain and suffering

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