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The data explosion threatens to overwhelm storage systems, particularly the backup tier. Here's how data deduplication can help

data deduplication Deep Dive

Data storage needs continue to grow unabated, straining backup and disaster recovery systems while requiring more spindles, using more power, and generating more heat. That leaves IT professionals to search for technology solutions that can at least lighten the load. In this PDF, InfoWorld Contributing Editor Keith Schultz explains data deduplication, a technology ideal for backup and disaster recovery that takes advantage of the enormous amount of redundancy in business data. With a little help from data deduplication, admins can reduce costs, lighten backup requirements, and accelerate data restoration in the event of emergency.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

  • Clear explanations of deduplication benefits, such as saving time and money through reduced backup, storage, and administration overhead
  • Technology considerations for optimal deduplication, such as the relationship to virtualization and the difference between block- and file-level approaches
  • Common approaches to deduplication -- how to choose among source, target, and inline methods

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