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InfoWorld’s Roger Grimes, a leading authority on endpoint security, digs deep into the security features of Web browsers and tests their resistance to exploits

web browser security

Web browsers are highly complex pieces of software that interact with highly complex programming code, much of it not so friendly. Which Web browser is guaranteed to make your Internet browsing experience perfectly safe? None, of course. If you need high security on a computer you manage, then you shouldn't allow it to surf the public Web. But for less extreme security needs, a number of measures can make your browser more secure and your Web surfing safer. Let this Deep Dive be your guide.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

  • An answer to the burning question: If your browser and Windows are fully patched, what is your level of risk?
  • A checklist of the 23 security features every secure Web browser should have.
  • A hands-on, test-based comparison of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Internet Explorer, Opera, and Apple Safari.
  • Five tips that will help ensure a safe browsing experience.

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