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Server virtualization demands a new set of requirements for core networks and the hosts connected to them. Here’s how to prepare your infrastructure for the virtual world

virtualization networking deep dive

Virtualization offers a host of benefits, but it also increases complexity. A new depth of understanding is required, particularly in configuring virtualization hosts to maximize reliability, bandwidth, and ease of management. With proper configuration, virtual servers can enjoy the same basic network resources as physical servers did in days gone by. InfoWorld contributing editor Paul Venezia, who has configured dozens of hosts and networks to support virtualization, provides the guidance you need.

This PDF provides the following benefits:

  • A guide to the baseline requirements for the core networking equipment you'll need to connect multiple physical hosts running virtual servers
  • How to set up storage networking to serve the needs of a virtualized infrastructure
  • An explanation of such advanced concepts as virtual managed switching, applying quality of service rules to individual network links, and more
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