Deep Dive

Download the Website Malware Deep Dive Report

Criminals work tirelessly to implant legitimate websites with malware and to infect visitors. Know their nefarious techniques -- and how to guard against the Web’s biggest threat

website malware deep dive

In a given year, the odds are over 50 percent that your favorite site has unwittingly hosted malware and put innocent visitors at risk. Here's how hackers spread their nefarious code -- and how end-users, security administrators, and Web admins can block the proliferation of malware. InfoWorld contributing editor Roger Grimes, a leading authority on enterprise security, provides the essential details.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

  • How website visitors become victims of malware and what you can do to reduce the likelihood of infection
  • A detailed explanation of the tools and techniques used by hackers to implant malware on legitimate websites
  • Best practices for end-users, security administrators, and Web admins in preventing malware infection and confronting the Web's most pernicious hazard

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