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Should you use the conventional Terminal Services approach or opt for 'real' desktop virtualization? Here’s how to make sensible decisions about thin clients

thin client computing

Client computing consolidates end-user applications and environments at the server, vastly reducing the overhead associated with desktop software and hardware. On the server side, new choices have emerged, enabling you to tailor your thin client solution to specific business demands. Paul Venezia, a hands-on consultant and InfoWorld contributing editor, tells you how it’s done.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

  • A full explanation of traditional thin client computing popularized by Microsoft Terminal services and various Citrix solutions
  • Discussions of the benefits and drawbacks of server-based solutions, including optimization of server resources, application compatibility, and the user experience
  • A brief guide to Virtual Desktop Infrastructure and its main variations, with a section on selecting the best thin client solution for you
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