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Download the High-Availability Virtualization Deep Dive Report

Use server virtualization to duplicate resources and create failover capabilities at a cost far below that of conventional solutions -- without compromising reliability

high availability virtualization deep dive

Server virtualization can help deliver the high levels of reliability that today's enterprises demand, often at a lower cost and with less complexity than non-virtualized methods. The key advantage: Virtualization enables you to design one high-availability scheme and apply it to many situations, regardless of the applications involved. InfoWorld contributing editor and veteran consultant Matt Prigge explains how.

This PDF report provides the following benefits:

* A complete walkthrough of the major causes of failure and the virtualization-based strategies you can use to protect your infrastructure

* Strategies to set up warm or hot sites as complete failover solutions when disaster takes your primary data center offline

* How to determine when application-specific reliability features should be included in an overall high-availability virtualization solution

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