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Windows 10 Installation Superguide

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Having trouble installing and setting up Win10? You’re not alone. Here’s how to get started, recover from glitches, and even roll back to Win7 or Win8.1

Windows 10 Installation Superguide

Upgrader beware: Rolling out Windows 10 is no walk in the park. The first year of Win10 use in the wild has proved time and again that installing and setting up Microsoft’s latest OS can be a significant challenge rife with snafus, meltdowns, and unwanted updates.

Since the earliest Win10 builds, InfoWorld’s Woody Leonhard has been deep in the bits, sleuthing out solutions to users’ thorniest issues. Here, in his Windows 10 Installation Superguide, Leonhard addresses the most frequent Windows 10 installation problems, highlights fixes and work-arounds for Win10 cumulative updates gone amok, and shows you how to roll back to Win7 or Win8.1 if you’ve decided Win10 isn’t your cup of tea.

Making the leap or already at wits end, let Leonhard’s expert Win10 coping experience be your guide.

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