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White Paper | Presented by Dell Inc.

Accelerating Network Convergence in Virtualized and Cloud Data Centers

Unifying disparate storage and data networks is a natural progression in many virtualization and cloud deployments. Dell converged networking innovations offer advanced switching capabilities and intelligent traffic management for these environments.

White Paper | Presented by Qualys Inc.

Better Security in the Cloud

With high-profile data breaches continuing to occur across industries, security leaders are revamping their strategies to keep pace. Organizations in highly regulated industries need to ensure they are partnering with the right provider.

Cloud IAM is Set to Break the Sound Barrier

Cloud apps and mobile devices are screaming their way into the enterprise, bringing employees more access than ever -- and more passwords as well. IT is caught in the turbulence -- trying to balance employee productivity with enterprise security.

White Paper | Presented by Dell Inc.

Dell Networking Solutions Overview

By offering end-to-end solutions, including highly integrated, yet scalable options for mission-critical business workloads, Dell provides the flexibility, visibility and tools IT managers need to meet their most important business requirements.

White Paper | Presented by Dell Inc.

Fabric that Fits: Matching the Network to Today's Data Center Traffic Conditions

In today's data centers that support virtualization, Big Data, and cloud, the network can be a prime contributor to efficient operations or a bottleneck preventing a company from realizing the full benefits of these critical applications.

Midsize Business Solutions Cybersecurity Infographic

You face unprecedented challenges to protect your midsize business from cybersecurity threats. New trends such as mobility and cloud are changing how you need to secure devices, data and your network.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Dell Inc.

Re-architecting Legacy Applications Lays the Foundation for an Adaptive Enterprise

As every organization tries to reinvent itself as a customer-adaptive enterprise, the nimbleness to adapt to market changes and drive innovation around products and services is critical...

White Paper | Presented by Samsung

Tablets are Transforming the Way Government Works

Frost & Sullivan research shows that the applications and devices that employees are using to do their jobs are increasingly designed to support a remote and virtual workforce management.

White Paper | Presented by Dell Inc.

Using the Network to Optimize a Virtualized Data Center

Enterprise IT has gone through several major shifts over the past several decades. The 1960s and 70s saw the rise of the mainframe. The mainframe ceded control in the client/server era, which in turn gave way to Internet computing.

A Managed Private Cloud Provider Is the Right Business Solution for Your Enterprise

Does your IT team have the time and talent to spend on monitoring and maintaining private cloud environments?

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