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Trial Download | Presented by SelectHub

Top BI Tools for 2017 - Expert Ratings and Pricing - Free Analyst Report

Zero in on the best BI solutions for your company. Interactive analyst report gives you comparison ratings, reviews and pricing from actual software selection projects. Unlike some ratings, SelectHub product scores are taken from multiple sources including top analysts and actual buyers of the software- ideal for your shortlist.

eBook | Presented by Appwright

Working Smarter & Thinking Forward: AppWright JobCenter.

This eBook dives into information about what makes AppWright's JobCenter the premier tool in raising productivity for businesses.

90-day Free Trial of 3Scale by Red Hat

Share, secure, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs with the platform built with performance, time-to-value, and growth in mind. Free 90-day trial of 3Scale by Red Hat.

White Paper | Presented by Red Hat

API Management Gartner Report

Gartner has recognized Red Hat as a Leader for Red Hat 3scale API Management Platform in the Magic Quadrant for Full Life Cycle API Management. Read the report.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Health IT Needs Consistency and Resiliency

Time to service, patient satisfaction, and asset utilization rates are critical for healthcare providers competing in a rapidly changing market. Getting high marks rests in part with the provider's ability to ensure that its staff always has immediate access to whatever tools it requires to address patient needs.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Ensuring Uninterrupted Access to Financial Services

Consider a banking environment where as soon as a customer enters the branch, the banker's device immediately provides prompts with holistic information about the customer relationship. The type of information that instantly identifies potential account issues, recommends courses of action, and most important, opens the door to discuss products or services that cater to the client's individualized needs.

White Paper | Presented by HP Enterprise

Keeping Government IT Up and Running

Availability is never optional for governmental units. After all, citizens turn to departments such as public safety or first responders when they most desperately need assistance. These professionals depend heavily on the information their systems provide, and if they can't get instant access to data they need in dire situations, the result could be fatal.

White Paper | Presented by Entrust Inc

The Business Value of Document Signing

Document signing certificates enable organizations to digitally sign Adobe®, Microsoft Office® and other document types, marking them with visual trust indicators that verify the publisher's identity-an indication that the document has not been altered.

Gartner WAN Edge Competitive Landscape Report

The enterprise WAN edge has become the focus of new architectural approaches, in addition to functional consolidation, which has attracted more than 40 competitors. Technology product management leaders will be challenged as solution evolution will take multiple paths.

White Paper | Presented by Synopsys

How to Build a Rock-Solid Software Security Initiative.

Application security testing is a critical and necessary component of every security program.

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