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Upgrade Everything, Including Your Expectations, with Dell and Windows 10

Discover the benefits of Windows 10 so your business is prepared to take advantage of Microsoft's free upgrade option before they end support for Windows 7. This whitepaper will highlight the three enterprise benefits of Windows 10 and will get you thinking about a plan for your organization to upgrade to Windows 10 or evaluate and purchase new machines with Windows 10.

White Paper | Presented by Xpandion Inc

6 Must Know Facts About Indirect Access

Indirect access has become a hot topic amongst SAP users in recent months and we would to share some of our knowledge and experiences. This document will help you gain some understanding on how important indirect access usage can effect an organization.

White Paper | Presented by Xpandion Inc

8 Tips For A Successful SAP Audit

SAP audits can be complex and costly if you are not prepared. Not only can audits have a financial cost but it also has a resource cost. To better prepare yourself for the next SAP audit, follow these 8 tips and you will get into the right mindset for a successful audit.

White Paper | Presented by Xpandion Inc

GRC Compliance: Offense or Defense?

Many organizations have some type of solution for GRC, but is it a complete solution? This document will cover why an organization should a dual solution when it comes to GRC - playing offense and defense.

White Paper | Presented by Xpandion Inc

Take Control over Licensing for Indirect Access

In recent years, enterprises have faced the difficult burden of paying for many additional SAP licenses as a result of users who access or use SAP systems indirectly. Accessing SAP indirectly means consuming SAP's data in other applications.

eBook | Presented by TrueLogic Software

Checklist for Choosing a Software Solutions Developer

Developing IT solutions tends to be a slow and tedious process; many companies prefer to delegate the work to third parties to speed up results. This pattern will remain a constant in 2017, so choosing the ideal software solutions developer is crucial, that's why Truelogic brings this Checklist of the 8 main elements to keep in mind when choosing or renewing an outsourcing provider.

White Paper | Presented by ActiveState

Key Considerations When Selecting the Right Languages for Your Web Applications

Selecting the right language for web applications can be a daunting task. This guide compares Java, Python, Ruby, Go, Node.js and PHP with pros and cons of each to help you drive your digital-first strategy.

White Paper | Presented by Digitate

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Cognitive Automation

As enterprises move toward digital transformation, incoming demands and clashing priorities are shifting focus away from strategic initiatives. Furthermore, unexpected outages redirect attention toward routine firefighting tactics, slowing the pace of IT innovation.

Is Independent Support a Good Fit for Your SAP Strategy?

The gap between what SAP customers pay for expensive maintenance every year and the value they are getting continues to widen. Independent support is a proven alternative to free up critical funds and resources for strategic initiatives while providing the premium support relevant to your stable, customized SAP application. The benefits of independent support are immense, but is it right for your organization?

White Paper | Presented by CenturyLink

Enterprise Digital Transformation Strategies Turning Disruption into Differentiation

There is a growing concern among business leaders in every vertical sector about staying competitive. Companies that are unlike any that have gone before are appearing in markets: retail banks with no branches, hospitality chains without hotels, media companies that do not author content. By investing in modern infrastructure and operating wholly digitally, they can leverage massive scale to transform markets on a global basis.

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