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Protecting Traffic in the Datacenter

The deployment of next-generation firewalls can protect network traffic into and out of the perimeter, as well as between servers within the enterprise.

Video/Webcast | Presented by Jisto

Putting Your Stranded Server Resources to Work and Increasing Utilization

This webinar will explain how you can improve that by 2-3x without additional hardware costs, giving you access to a huge amount of additional computing capacity to run additional applications.

802.11AC Wave 2: Catching WI-FI's New Wave

The 802.11ac standard significantly improves the performance and scalability of wireless networks compared with existing gear based on the older 802.11n standard.

An Infrastructure in the Cloud

As cloud computing matures, it's increasingly vital that enterprise IT decision-makers understand the potential advantages of utilizing IaaS solutions such as Microsoft Azure.

Blue Hill Research: IBM Cognos Analytics: Converged and Governed Analytics for the Masses

In this report, Blue Hill Research explores the implications of adopting IBM Cognos Analytics for business decision-makers as they evaluate avenues to best provide democratized, yet trusted, analytic insight throughout their organization. Blue Hill Research examines decision criteria, differentiators, and value points relevant to these constituents.

Case Study: Dover Federal Credit Union

When cloud solutions automate crucial tasks such as software and firmware updates, they ensure that an organization is getting full benefit from the solution's features and that security vulnerabilities are addressed promptly.

CDW Helps The Arizona Cardinals Win With Wi- Fi

The Arizona Cardinals' stadiumwide infrastructure upgrade to the 802.11ac standard and its unified communications project are a winning combination.

Cloud Opportunities: Infrastructure as a Service

One of cloud computing's greatest areas of opportunity is Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). In this approach, vendors offer infrastructure components such as computing, storage, networking and databases in a commoditized fashion. In the white paper below, we've outlined an essential primer about the ins-and-outs of IaaS, and how it can help your institution's IT pursuits.

Comprehensive Security Assessment

Even as organizations get smarter about guarding their information systems and data, attackers inevitably find new ways in. One of the best defenses against intruders is to learn to play their game. CDW's Comprehensive Security Assessment (CSA) uncovers vulnerabilities by using the same strategies to breach systems that cybercriminals use. Learn more today!

Eckerson Group: Governed Data Discovery. Balancing Flexibility and Standards

Learn how modern BI platform blend the best of both top-down and bottom-up BI in a governed discovery environment tailoring self-service capabilities to business users based on their skills, roles and responsibilities.

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