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4 Countermeasures to Protect Against Ransomware

By now, not only security professionals, but also many knowledge workers and consumers are well aware of the insidious nature of ransomware. As its name implies, ransomware is malicious software that holds data files hostage pending the payment of a ransom, typically with untraceable bitcoin as the currency of choice.

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Accelerate Your Digital Transformation Infographic - Three Keys to Digital Transformation

Digital disruption threatens organizations of all kinds, overturning entrenched businesses and old ways of thinking. Learn these three important drivers of digital transformation, and why you must innovate and transform today to overcome disruption. Use these three drivers to begin your own digital transformation journey.

Billion-Dollar Scams:The Numbers Behind Business Email Compromise

Over the past two years, Business Email Compromise (BEC) schemes have caused at least $3.1 billion in total losses to approximately 22,000 enterprises around the world, according to the latest figures from the FBI. Since January 2015, there has been a 1,300% increase in identified exposed losses, amounting to an average loss of 40,000 per scam.

Charting a New Course for IT Security with Coordinated Threat Defenses

Effectively thwarting modern malware and targeted attacks requires a new level of integration and coordination among traditional domain-level controls and next-generation, centralized security analysis, correlation, and management systems.

Dark Motives Online: An Analysis of Overlapping Technologies Used by Cybercriminals and Terrorist Organizations

Cybercriminal activities have always involved the abuse of legitimate online tools and services. Examples of these activities come in many forms and can be found everywhere-from using vulnerabilities in software, websites, and web applications as attack vectors, hosting malicious components in cloud services, to leveraging clickbait posts and links on social networking sites to lure hapless users into falling for their schemes.

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Five Keys to Digital Transformation Success

Fundamental change is challenging, especially when it impacts established business practices, workflow processes, and technologies. Modern CIOs not only face this challenge head on, they must ensure that existing IT systems continue to support the business and serve their customers.

Fleet Rationalization - 5 Best Practices of Top Performing Organizations

Discover how a holistic, enterprise-wide approach to document management can reduce costs, improve productivity and boost environmental sustainability efforts.

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How to Build a Bug Bounty Program: A-Z

Considering a bug bounty program at your company? Read this. Discover what makes for a successful bug bounty program, as well as how researchers and program owners can align their respective expectations and mutually benefit from working together.

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Printer and Embedded Device Security

Today, most organizations do not have a security strategy for printers and embedded devices, have little or no security in place for these systems, or they may be getting sporadic input from their vendors. This white paper is aimed to raise the awareness of known security issues with printers and embedded devices, and offer security recommendations, tips, and techniques for implementing a security strategy for this class of devices.

Protecting Patient Information in Enterprise Data Centers and the Cloud

Healthcare application vendors are introducing new hybrid cloud technologies to connect physician offices with hospitals, outpatient clinics, clinical laboratories, retail pharmacies, home healthcare providers, and patients. The goal is to provide new innovations and services that improve patients' quality of life.

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