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All material appearing in InfoWorld and on is copyrighted by International Data Group and cannot be reused without permission. This guide explains the legal options for using this copyrighted material.

Back Issues and Reprints

Photocopying, Excerping, Quoting, and Linking


Back Issues and Reprints

Where can I find old (back) issues of the magazine?

InfoWorld was first published in a print edition in December 1978 (as the Intelligent Machines Journal) until April 2007, when it became a Web-only publication. There are two sources for back issues of InfoWorld:

Note that InfoWorld or IDG staff cannot look up articles for you, such as to determine when a story was published or what the contents were of a specific issue.

May I republish an InfoWorld article or other content item on my website or in my publication (print or electronic)?

Generally, no. You are free to link to any of our content from your website, PDF, or other document, but not to republish the article on your site or in your document. For marketing use, you may order reprints of InfoWorld articles; contact The YGS Group at (800) 290-5460 ext. 100 or by e-mail at For editorial use, you may license InfoWorld content for use within your website publication for a fee; contact for details.

What is a reprint?

Reprints are customized, reformatted versions -- in either or print or electronic form -- of articles that have appeared online at They are a great way to market your product, service or company alongside the industry-respected brand of InfoWorld.

Why are reprints important as part of my marketing and promotions strategy?

Reprints serve to promote the connection between your company and InfoWorld. For companies interested in direct marketing, hard-copy reprints are the only available link to the article in its original format online.

How are reprints used for marketing?

Reprint products are powerful as direct marketing tools, either through mail or online promotions. They offer valuable third-party endorsements of your company, products or services. Reprints are replications of the original coverage, with space for your company logo and contact information to be added.

What are the differences between hard copy and electronic reprints?

Hard copy reprints are articles that have been reformatted and reprinted onto 8 1/2- by 11-inch glossy paper in two to four colors. A single reprint can number one to eight pages in length. Electronic reprints are articles that have been reformatted as either a pdf, or a flash based digital reprint.

What products are considered reprints?

The most commonly used reprint products are hard-copy articles, but that’s not the only way to promote your feature. Electronic usage covers a selection of digital products, perfect for marketing online and via email. Also available are plaques, posters, postcards, and banners for promoting your coverage around the office or at a trade show.

How do I order reprints of InfoWorld articles?

If you would like to order hard copy or electronic reprints of articles that appeared in InfoWorld, contact The YGS Group at 800.290.5460 ext. 129 or by email at

Where can I learn more about reprints?

The YGS Group is the exclusive and authorized provider of reprints from Infoworld. They work to connect our readers with the coverage they receive online. You can learn more about reprint products and their uses by visiting

What should I do if I need fewer than 100 reprints?

Reprints require a minimum order of 100 copies. If you wish to create fewer than 100 copies, please contact the Copyright Clearance Center.

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Photocopying, Excerpting, Quoting, Linking

May I use an excerpt or quote that was printed in InfoWorld?

From time to time, readers and vendors alike want to use excerpts from InfoWorld articles in their own material.

Commercial usage: If the usage is for marketing or sales activities, such as where an endorsement is stated or implied, permission for such usage is required. Please email the quote(s) you'd like to use along with the issue date, page number, or URL on which the quote appeared and a brief description of how you plan to use the quote to the Copyright Clearance Center. See below on how to contact the Copyright Clearance Center.

"Fair use" usage: If the intended usage is for discussion, critique, education, and other such "fair use" activities -- both public and internal, such as reports, papers, magazines, newspapers, books, and on the Internet/websites -- a brief excerpt of a few sentences is permitted with credit to InfoWorld and, in media that support hyperlinks, a link to the original content. For more extensive use in magazines, newspapers, books, and on the Internet/websites, please contact directly. Include the information below in your request.

May I include the InfoWorld logo with the quote?

If you plan to incorporate an InfoWorld logo with your excerpt , please include it in your request to the Copyright Clearance Center. These are approved on a case-by-case basis.

Is it OK to photocopy an InfoWorld article?

Photocopying an InfoWorld article requires prior permission. Contact the Copyright Clearance Center to get permission and pricing to photocopy an InfoWorld article from the print editions pubklished until April 2007.

May I redistribute InfoWorld articles or excerpts via email?

We do grant permission for use of InfoWorld articles and excerpts for email transmission. If you wish to receive a fully formatted article, please contact Reprint Management Services at (717)399-1900 or by email at You may also contact the Copyright Clearance Center for permission.

Can I link to an article on

Yes, you may link to articles. You may use a brief description to contextualize the link, but you may not reprint or copy significant text without the expressed written permission to do so. Please also review Participation and Conduct under Terms of Service, for more information about linking to InfoWorld content.

How do I contact the Copyright Clearance Center?

To obtain permission and fee information for photocopying, quoting, abstract, or republication of InfoWorld articles, please contact customer service at the Copyright Clearance Center.

Phone: (978) 750-8400
CCC website:
Include the following information in your request:

Publication name:
Article title:
ISSN/ISBN#: 0199-6649
Issue (month, year):
Type of use:
Type of end user:
Number of copies/users:

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What is licensing?

News distributors and websites with a shortage of their own home-grown content are often interested in licensing the entire body of InfoWorld content for redistribution on their services and sites. Unlike reprints or links, licensing involves acquiring rights to all content or certain sections of content over a period of time, not just selected articles or reviews. You can license InfoWorld content in full or one slice of the content, for example, just the articles about security or just the articles about database.

How do I license InfoWorld content for redistribution?

To acquire the right to license content from InfoWorld and/or, please email Include the following information in your request: type of stories you are interested in, how you plan to use the content, your target audience, type of service you provide.

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