Interface Segregation Principle

Devops in an application-centric cloud world

The model changes in the new world of cloud native applications


Exploring instancing, concurrency and throttling in WCF

When working in WCF you should be aware of the concepts of instancing, throttling and concurrency to build services that are scalable and can provide better throughput


4 cases where the ancient skill of data story telling will come in handy

The data interpreter is one of the 5 hottest jobs in data. Data interpreters are in fact data story tellers, who help executives make sense of the data they get

kubernetes 580px

Management in the application-centric cloud

Kubernetes is the management system of choice for containers and microservices

Open Closed Principle

Realize the Open Closed Principle using abstractions

The main objective behind the Open Closed Principle was that once the application has been tested and deployed in the production system, you should no longer have to change the existing source code. Ideally, you should enable such...


Windows 10: What we like, what we don't like

Computerworld contributing writer/reviewer Preston Gralla summarizes three features of Windows 10 that he likes and two features he doesn't like. The new operating system from Microsoft launches for consumers on Wednesday, July 29.


Search versus analytics: what is the difference?

Despite serving seemingly very different purposes, search engine and an analytics engine could gain to be unified for better use by knowledge workers

SQL injection

SQL illiteracy considered harmful (to your career)

SQL is more than just a database language


Job Hunting tips for the IT Pro

Martha Heller, an IT executive recruiter, offers up career advice for IT professionals at the recent IT Roadmap in Boston. Should executives job jump or build tenure? How much social media should they do? Heller offers up her...

Storage management in the application-centric cloud

Microservices and containers using data volume management and object storage, enable new applications


Working with the ServiceStack open source, cross platform Web service framework

ServiceStack is a good alternative to popular Microsoft technologies like WCF and WebAPI for building scalable web services because of its simplicity, high performance, true platform independence and less configuration. This article...

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5 steps to becoming an enterprise architecture ninja

Enterprise architects who have a clear view of where they fit in the EA pecking order and a roadmap for taking their practice to the next level are likely to prosper

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Less downtime, faster recovery: the new mantra for automated systems

As Glitch Wednesday showed, automated systems can wreak havoc when they fail. Here are tips on minimizing the impact

data explosion

Privacy and open flow of data can – and must – co-exist

Is digital trade really the enemy of privacy? Unfortunately, that seems to be message being delivered by many commentators, analysts and policymakers, who have bought into the false notion that the free flow of data across borders...

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2 ways to expand business intelligence to the outside world

Most business intelligence projects primarily deal with information and serve consumers inside the enterprise. How, and why, should you expand these projects to the outside world?

Coupling and cohesion

Design for change: Coupling and cohesion in object oriented systems

Reduce coupling and maximize cohesion to build systems that are scalable, manageable and can be extended over time


5 hot jobs in data

Not so long ago the "sexiest job of the 21st century," the Data Scientist is now joined by a couple other hot job titles in the data industry. Do you think you may be a Data Wrangler, a Data Shaman, a Data Interpreter, or even a Data...

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The middle layer of the application-centric cloud

Apache Mesos has created a new layer in the cloud model

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