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Entity Framework performance

Best practices to improve Entity Framework performance

Performance considerations and best practices to improve Entity Framework performance

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3 ways the data lake is actually not helping with IT agility

Through a data lake, everyone can access any data they need for their agile IT project -- even if they are not in IT. Yet, at the end of the day, this nice concept can turn into more of a challenge and hardship than the agility it...

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Data-driven marketing brings an amazing 224 percent return, but will you get there?

There is only one way to optimize the efficiency of marketing, and this way is through data-supported trial and error. Data-driven marketing requires techniques and tools, which are highlighted in a comprehensive report.

Concurrency handling

Best practices in handling concurrency in ADO.net

Concurrency handling enables you to ensure data safety, integrity and consistency when multiple users access the same piece of data concurrently

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5 ways real-time will kill data quality

The move to real-time data is treacherous, and has the potential to destroy a hard-won level of data quality. Learn about the pitfalls of real time and how to avoid them.

Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code: A fast, lightweight, cross-platform code editor

Microsoft has recently announced the release of its lightweight, super-fast, cross platform development tool for building modern Web and cloud applications

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Big automakers, big recalls, big data solutions

Product safety recalls in the manufacturing industry are at an all-time high, but completion rates for fixes remain stubbornly low. Better data management strategies could be the key.


Developing applications with Node.js and C#

This article discusses Node.js and shows how you can build a TCP Server in Node.js and consume it using C#

Talent compass pointing to the most highly skilled jobs hiring

Not everyone can be a great engineer, but a great engineer can come from anywhere

Identifying exceptional technologists, who can bring an understanding of what enterprises can do with technology, is the foundational challenge our economy faces in the coming years.

The Dispose - Finalize pattern

Best Practices in using Dispose and Finalize in .Net

Learn how the GC works and the best practices to cleanup resources occupied by your program to build applications that are better in performance

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6 data sources you should secure for your digital business

Data-driven businesses depend on data from multiple sources. This post studies 6 types of data sources and offers practical actions to secure them and ensure they remain available to feed your business.

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The Keystroke Cops: A look at the role local data can play in criminal justice reform

A rich look at developments bringing open data to local governments

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Do programmers need a degree in Computer Science?

Most job postings for software developers list a degree in Computer Science as a preferred item, if not a requirement. But are these degrees indicators of better developers?

mvc 6

New features in MVC 6

Leverage the ASP.Net MVC 6 framework to design and implement applications that can leverage the Mode View Controller design pattern and promote code re-use, testability and maintenance seamlessly

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Software development: It's about the journey, not the finish line

Software development success should be defined by continuous learning and innovation, not just the completion of projects

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Why you need to control your data supply chain

One year after acquiring its primary reseller of data, Twitter is cutting off its other resellers. If you are selling data, you should analyze how and why Twitter is integrating its supply chain, and how far you should go with your...

object services layer

Programming the Object Services Layer in Entity Framework

Take advantage of Object Services Layer to reduce the impedance mismatch between the object and data models in your application and perform CRUD operations against your Entity Data Model

unit testing

Take advantage of Unit Testing to reduce errors in the development phase of your project

A proper and planned approach towards test driven development can reduce errors in your application considerably

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