The road warrior’s essential mobile toolkit: Summer edition

Routing in Web Api

Exploring routing in Web API

This article discusses how routing works in Web API and how it is different from MVC

Google encryption concept browser

Compromised encryption is a threat to national security

The administration is floating a trial balloon suggesting that national security requires giving up the protection provided by strong encryption. This approach gets the issue wrong. When the situation calls for encryption, using...

Improving ASP.NET Performance

Best practices to improve application performance in ASP.Net

This article explores the various ways you can improve the application performance of web applications built using ASP.Net


Best practices in ASP.Net MVC

Take advantage of the recommended best practices and tips to build applications using ASP.Net MVC that can scale and are responsive, fast, easier to test and maintain

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Automating OS X Server with the serverctl command

Apple has been building new options like serverctl to automate server setups again

Golden Gate Bridge in foggy clouds

Evolutionary architecture provides the path to concise, functional code

To avoid slapdash or overdone engineering, start with the simplest architecture that could possibly work, verify it works, and leave it alone

dollar bills

Will you get paid for all this data?

There is no such thing as free. In the realm of free services, you are the product and barter yourself. But when you have to pay to actually become a sensor and provide data, the game actually moves to a totally different inning.

Old computer monitors in a dumpster

6 historic tech items rescued from the trash

These pieces of technology history were almost lost for good until they were rescued from a dumpster, landfill, or recycling center


Are you a sensor on the Internet of things?

Far from science fiction scenarios in which you are surgically implanted with sensors, more and more organizations are actually using you as a sensor to collect valuable data points.

LINQ to SQL in Execution

Best practices in optimizing LINQ performance

This article discusses the best practices to optimize LINQ query performance

EA Crystal ball

What will enterprise architecture look like in 5 years?

Numerous challenges face EA over the next 5 years but if it plays its cards right a seat at the top-table is assured. From the data mining gold rush to the algorithm economy, without it, executives risk playing Jenga with critical...

railroad turntable

Which approach to use for your data APIs: generic or specialized?

Common wisdom calls for a single, generic API to concentrate all interactions between frontend and backend. But the continuous increase in the diversity of client devices and objects makes architects rethink this design and take a...

WCF Security

Best practices in WCF: Security, hosting and error handling guidelines

Take advantage of the best practices to build and host secure WCF services

Abstract factory

The factory method and abstract factory design patterns: managing object creation efficiently

Understand the factory and abstract factory design patterns to effectively manage object creation in your applications

WCF service design and performance guidelines

Best practices in WCF: Service design and performance guidelines

In this series of articles on WCF best practices, I would like to explore the best practices that can be adopted to build and deploy secure, reliable, scalable, interoperable and responsive WCF services.

building a wall

Use the right approach for building a data back end

Start with development or with design? This long-standing conundrum of software engineering is more acute than ever when it comes to building the interactions between front-end apps and their back end

development tools web internet code data

Is the U.S. government abandoning oversight of core Internet functions? What’s really going to change?

The U.S. is planning to transition critical Internet technical functions to the global Internet community. This will impact every Internet user, and you have the power to shape the outcome

Interface vs abstract class

My two cents on abstract class vs interface

A good understanding of abstract class and interface is necessary to design loosely coupled and extendable applications

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