Asynchronous Programming
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Windows Management Instrumentation

Exploring Windows Management Instrumentation in C#

Take advantage of WMI to retrieve the hardware details of your computer system

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Avoiding another AI winter

On the current hype of progress in Artificial Intelligence in the mainstream media

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Outsourcing a software project? Pay time and materials

When outsourcing a software project, companies will often negotiate a fixed-bid contract with the intent of minimizing risk. This may not be the right approach if you want the best software product possible.

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Where to find more data

To efficiently drive digitalization of your business, you need to feed business intelligence process with any relevant input data. Many sources of such data exist and yet, they are often left untapped.

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What GM and HP can teach us about outsourcing software development

GM's decision to cut H-P and bring software development in house illustrates why most companies can't--and shouldn't--take IT strategy cues from GM.

Singleton class

Exploring the Singleton design pattern

Take advantage of the Singleton design pattern to create classes that can have only one instance throughout the lifetime of the application

Memory Mapped Files

Working with memory mapped files in .Net

Take advantage of memory mapped files to boost application performance and facilitate data sharing data between processes

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Turbocharge business processes with analytics

Operational business intelligence integrates insights into business processes. The degree of integration and sophistication required to enable the digitalization of business is higher than it has ever been, but done right it will give...

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The drive toward real-time business intelligence

Turning business intelligence into a real-time proposition is a key to unlock digitalization. A number of challenges abound on that path, ranging from upstream data collection all the way to usage of insights.

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Why you should start tipping your free app developer

Free apps cost of lot for developers in blood, sweat, and tears. So why not tip them for their good services?

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Does software craftsmanship make project success harder to attain?

There's a relatively new movement among software developers called "software craftsmanship" which is meant to help developers learn the right approaches to avoid project failures. My experience has been that the software craftsman...

Best practices in exception handling

Best practices in handling exceptions in C#

A good knowledge of exception handling is needed to build applications that are capable of handling runtime errors efficiently

Virtual and Abstract methods

Exploring virtual and abstract methods in C#

Take advantage of virtual methods to implement late binding and abstract methods to force the subclasses to have implementations

digitalizing processes

5 steps for transforming your business using data

Digital organizations rely on their IT platform and on data-powered business processes. If your organization was not born digital, discover 5 steps that can bring you closer to a digital business and create new opportunities.

web api performance

Improving Web API performance

Leverage caching, asynchronous methods, content compression, and faster media type formatters to improve the responsiveness and overall performance of Web API services

Exceptions in WCF

Exception handling in WCF

Take advantage of fault exceptions in WCF to send user friendly error messages to the service consumer when an exception has occured

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How just about everyone gets unit testing wrong

Automated unit testing is a great tool to help deliver higher quality software at a lower cost. But most software teams either don't write any unit tests or write too many

Big Data and Expedia

Big data, big opportunity for Expedia and its customers

Expedia's purchase of Orbitz is another example of how big companies still struggle with big data integration.

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