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Devops: Cure for the Thursday Night of Dread

Whenever someone asks me to explain devops, I always start with the same story. It isn’t the usual story about time and money. It’s about people. I used to work on two web applications at a large healthcare organization....

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4 data privacy considerations for preparing for GDPR compliance

With the GDPR Compliance deadline approaching, it's critical to understand its principles and set up the necessary infrastructure to ensure compliance. Following are several practical tips to help you prepare

Top 5 traits of highly effective data scientists

Data science is booming and there is an incredible demand for skilled employees across all types of industries. However, the top data scientists have some fundamental traits that set them apart from the crowd

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3 reasons to embrace horizontal scaling for secondary storage

While hyperconvergence and scale-out architectures have offered horizontal scaling for primary storage, it is now time to look at the benefits of horizontal scaling for secondary storage applications such as backup and archive

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How cloud-native security can prevent modern attacks

Cloud-native security can prevent modern attacks. Here's why and how

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Nine digit regulation

Why GDPR is a wake up call for security professionals

Are machine learning tools really smart or do they need private crowds to get there?

The critical role of private crowds in building accurate machine learning algorithms for smarter software

iPhone Vs. Android: 12 key ways they differ

iPhone vs. Android: 12 key ways they differ

From customization to voice assistants to battery life -- a quick look at the key differences between Apple's iPhone devices and Android phones.

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Consumers and blockchain: lots of promise, many hurdles

Blockchain is the talk of the town right now with new and exciting applications and opportunities in the horizon, but when it comes to consumer acceptance and adoption, it will be a while until we see its true value—and face

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Digital transformation for the connected supply chain

How to capitalize on market information with a supply chain overhaul


How to keep container secrets secret

Keeping secrets secret in container-based applications is complex and challenging, but far from hopeless

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How to kick velocity addiction in agile development

Understand the power and the limitations of velocity as an agile development metric

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Building the virtual assistant everyone wants

The four key areas developers and testers need to master to create the high-quality virtual assistants users expect

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Splunk’s CIO on DevOps, APIs and the evolving role of IT

In this Q&A, Splunk CIO Declan Morris shares insight into the technology approaches that will enable Splunk to double revenue in the next three years.

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Why Akka and the actor model shine for IoT applications

For building the all-interconnected Internet-of-things (IoT) future, one computational model stands out from the rest

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What your software developer wishes you knew

Some basic guidelines on how to work with an outsourced software developer to ensure the best possible results.

What’s in a sentence?

Getting computers to understand language is tough. Not only do they not have the context that we do, but we ourselves struggle to understand just how much context goes into creating a simple sentence – let alone a whole conversation....

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What is the difference between devops and system administrator?

Devops and sysadmins: they have many common tasks but there are also vital differences that we should always be aware of.

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