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Has Ubuntu Linux become boring?

Also in today’s open source roundup: DistroWatch reviews Minimal Linux Live. And how do you choose a Linux browser?


Working with the DotMemory Unit framework

The DotMemory Unit framework from JetBrains can be used to analyze memory usage, write unit tests, and detect memory issues in .Net apps

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Apple AirPods are to IoT what iPhone was to cellphones

The arrival of the AirPod is going to change the way we interact with computers. It will change the way we access, process and generate information. It will go beyond that and merge the physical world around us with a virtual...


How to measure the execution time using PostSharp

PostSharp's AOP capabilities help you profile methods and identify the slow running methods in your application

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Install Chrome OS theme in Ubuntu or Linux Mint

Also in today’s open source roundup: Test driving 1993-2003 Linux distros, and a first look at the Android O developer preview.

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5 risky suppliers to watch using cognitive computing

Unforeseen supply chain problems can cripple or destroy a business. Here are five risky suppliers to watch for in 2017.

Super Mario Run

Android: Super Mario Run arrives March 23

Also in today’s open source roundup: 6 Features to love in GNOME 3.24, and 6 alternative Linux shells for power users.


Could iris recognition be coming to the enterprise?

Iris recognition will be widely included in future mobile devices reducing the hardware investment and potentially preventing fraudulent access via biometric authentication

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C# 7 in depth : Exploring local functions

Local functions enable you to define a function within the scope of another method to help in promoting encapsulation and bring local variables into scope

Linux Mint

Is Linux Mint a secure distribution?

Also in today’s open source roundup: Distraction-free writing at the command line with WordGrinder, and desktop Linux just keeps getting better and better.

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Kellyanne Conway's microwave story is half-cooked

While any IoT device can potentially pose a network threat, microwaves don't turn into cameras, contrary to what the President's counselor said

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Is enterprise software preventing us from hitting business goals?

Is software getting in the way of our own business success? The notion may seem counterintuitive, but new data suggests that this is, indeed, a reality. And as you would expect, today's executives are not happy about it.


Is Snapchat building the iPhone killer?

Snapchat's parent company has hired mobile engineering and design talent away from Apple, HTC, and Google. Could a Snapchat phone be in the works?

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Who will win the battle for cloud dominance?

Enterprises are contemplating the impact of cloud computing on matters on IT. The scalability and flexibility of cloud resources have become highly attractive to CIOs across industries.

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Data governance as an accelerator, not a roadblock

A data governance strategy is key for organizations to get the most value from their company data

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8 free alternatives to Windows and MacOS

Also in today’s open source roundup: Why you should begin with the terminal in Linux, and MATE 1.18 has been released.


March Madness: Bringing cloud-based automation to a whole new level of play

The cloud is creating a transformative shift in how companies build and deploy apps. Platforms such as Microsoft Azure are enabling companies, like a sports management firm, to up their game when it comes to real-time deployment of...

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Is Google Cloud experiencing challenges going upmarket?

Google's first day keynote did not go down well within the community, focusing on enterprise and with nothing really new to say, but it made up for it on the second day. Are they in danger of forgetting their developer roots?

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