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Developing enterprise bots

Bots can potentially offer a casual, conversational, and ad-hoc approach to interacting with complex enterprise systems, and as a consequence, improving productivity of business users.

drowning big data 2

Data is useless

Data used to be hard to collect, expensive to store, and slow to analyze. All that has changed. Most businesses are now drowning in data, but still haven’t learned how to swim. They need to learn how to transform data from a useless...


Working with thread safe collections: ConcurrentStack and ConcurrentQueue

The ConcurrentStack and ConcurrentQueue classes, lock-free and thread-safe implementations of the Stack and Queue classes, build thread safe collections in .Net

multi cloud

How many clouds are there?

When should you take advantage of a multi-cloud system, and when should you harden the single-cloud system you already use?

Drawbacks of the Singleton design pattern

Design patterns that I often avoid: Singleton

Learn the drawbacks of using the Singleton design pattern, one of the most widely used design patterns, and the alternatives to avoid its potential pitfalls

linux high five

Linux breathes new life into old Mac computers

Also in today's open source roundup: 8 Linux file managers to try, and Pokemon GO has lost millions of players


5 cool Raspberry Pi projects

From underwater drones to creating a real-time weather clock, creators have been doing some cool things with Raspberry Pi hardware. In this video, Network World picks five favorite projects from the world of Raspberry Pi. For all...

The Journey

A guide to accelerating innovation

At many enterprises, when IT walks into a meeting, people assume it’s because the projector is broken. But if companies want to accelerate innovation and provide value to customers through technology, IT must evolve from a back office...

androud nougat 7.0 on nexus 6p

Android 7.0 Nougat reviews: Should you upgrade your device?

Also in today's open source roundup: The best new features in Android 7.0 Nougat, and the official Android 7.0 Nougat release announcement

linux pride 7

Why did Gentoo Linux fade into obscurity?

Also in today's open source roundup: DistroWatch reviews the Gentoo Linux live DVD "Choice Edition," and Google will kill Chrome apps for Linux

Object cloning in .NET

My two cents on Deep copy vs Shallow copy in .Net

Microsoft .Net provides support for cloning objects -- an ability to create an exact copy of an object (also known as a clone). Cloning can be of two types: shallow copy and deep copy.

Cross Functional Security corporate departments

Application security requires more talk than tech

Building a successful AppSec program requires more than just a few updates from the security team. It's a team effort across the whole organization.

visa work passport h-1b

Video: The real story behind the H-1B visa program

The vast majority of people who work in IT did everything right. This is the story of how the H-1B visa program punished some of them anyway


Opinion: How the H-1B visa affects American workers

Computerworld national correspondent Patrick Thibodeau has covered the controversial H-1B guest-worker visa for many years. It's a complicated topic, but to understand it, you need to know just one thing: its effect on American IT...

android malware

Android malware being spread via Google Adsense

Also in today's open source roundup: Google shares details about security features in Android 7.0. and Android users share their thoughts about Google's new Duo video calling app

Make GIMP look like Photoshop

Also in today's open source roundup: Google releases the Duo video calling app for Android, and the Wall Street Journal reviews Duo


Why is the new emoji in iOS 10 so controversial?

In iOS 10, Apple changed the revolver emoji to look like a squirt toy gun. Critics say that the change will cause confusion, miscommunication, and do nothing to solve gun violence. Here’s why they’re wrong.

effective online communication

3 ways to improve your company's communication

Thanks to advances in technology, companies today have several means of communication with employees and clients alike. However, most companies today still rely stubbornly on email and Skype to communicate, but new project management...

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