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A team of people building a human tower

9 things you need to know to run a successful software development team

Experienced software engineering leaders share what it takes to get the most out of your team

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How big will Amazon's data get, and what does that mean for companies working with AWS?

If Amazon Web Service is becoming a nearly ubiquitous technology, what does that mean for the future of data and how companies work with Amazon moving forward?

oracle headquarters

Oracle, still clueless about security

Oracle Chief Security Officer Mary Ann Davidson let loose a long rant about people who dare to look into the security of the company’s products. Oracle quickly backed away from those remarks, but has it faced up to the fact that its...

binary data

Managing data in a mobile and cloud world

A simple strategy for standardizing metadata can improve decision-making, data governance and data security. (Insider; registration required)


Binding compute to storage considered harmful

The unbundling of the database is here

Dependency Injection Principle

Exploring the dependency injection principle

Take advantage of the dependency injection principle to provide support for pluggable implementations in your application and build loosely coupled, testable components


Top Security Concerns at Black Hat 2015

At Black Hat 2015, reporter David Spark asked CSOs and security insiders what their top concern is this year at Black Hat. Turns out there is plenty to be worried about, such as car hacking and the poor security of IoT.


The real value of REST: Making the leap

REST is not an architectural style to undertake lightly. Understand the problem it solves, what gaps it covers, and decide if it's right for your architecture

Customer Experience

X marks the spot for digital transformation

Getting customer experience right is becoming a make-or-break for many businesses. And best-in-class digital transformation must be underpinned by enterprise, business, and IT roadmaps -- that is, by enterprise architecture


College budgets and forecasting moves to the cloud

At the Campus Technology 2015 event in Boston, we chatted with Steve Lisa from Tufts University and Tony Ard from Axiom EPM about the benefits of moving to the cloud for college budgets and forecasting.


ASP.Net SignalR library builds apps that can communicate in real-time

SignalR is an open source library written in .Net that simplifies the exchange of data between a web browser and a web server using WebSockets as a communication protocol. This article presents an in-depth discussion on SignalR.

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Application modernization isn't a threat, but it's not always easy

Application modernization is a strategy that can transform an IT organization, but it's not without its challenges.

Stock Market

Why are software vendors going private?

For many private IT companies, an IPO is the ultimate achievement -- and a way to attract and reward early-stage investors and employees. But another trend is picking up steam in the IT space: public companies going private

Liskov Substitution Principle

Exploring the Liskov Substitution Principle

The Liskov Substitution Principle (LSP) is a fundamental principle of OOP and states that derived classes should be able to extend their base classes without changing their behaviour

A man sitting in a chair next to a sign that says Free Advice

7 things every new programmer should know

Veteran software developers share the lessons they’ve learned over the years about how to successfully navigate the professional coding business

Talent Acquisition Methods

How to fix the tech talent shortage

There is a frightening shortage of IT skills in the United States today. Why is the shortage of skilled developers so threatening? Because failure to capitalize on digital trends and transform can result in lost competitive...

SQL 4 All

Micromanaging computation considered harmful

SQL isn't just a database language; it's also management by objective

Asynchronous programming

Learning SynchronizationContext, async, and await

Understand the core concepts behind asynchronous programming to build applications that are responsive

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