Thread Pool
Attributes in C#

http codes

Having fun with HTTP status codes

HTTP status codes go way beyond the 404 and 500 errors we have all encountered. Let's look at what they mean for a non-developer -- and figure out some of the geek humor that’s hidden in their midst


How to build custom rules with FxCop

Take advantage of the FxCop library to build custom rules and enforce code quality


How GhostSec takes on ISIS

In September, Ira Winkler and Araceli Treu Gomes interviewd WauchulaGhost, spokesperson for GhostSec.org, about the group's efforts in taking down ISIS accounts and websites. The full 30-minute interview is presented here.

ww blogimage unitedcontinental

United Continental Airlines: A cautionary tale in systems integration?

The merger between United and Continental has had its problems -- and IT departments of all sizes should learn from them

splunk continuous delivery

Continuous improvement starts with IT culture

How to avoid IT's three toxic characteristics and create a culture of continuous improvement

Builder Design Pattern

How to implement the Builder design pattern

Take advantage of the Builder design pattern to create complex objects in a step by step manner

Action Result in Web API

How to work with ActionResults in Web API

Leverage action results to return data as an HttpResponseMessage object from your Web API controller method

linus torvalds

How bad a boss is Linus Torvalds?

It depends on context. In the world of software development, he’s what passes for normal. The question is whether that situation should be allowed to continue.


Securing big data, a cross-technology challenge

With all this valuable data in a single place, there are many reason why hackers are going after the data lake. Securing big data is a real challenge, but one that needs to be addressed properly

Self hosting a Web Api

How to host your Web API in a separate process

Explore ways to build and host your Web API in a separate process

shutterstock 295683041

Six secrets of top enterprise architects

Over the past 20 years I've worked with some hugely talented enterprise architects, and I've noticed there are some skills common to the very best of them

Lightning Storm

IBM acquires the Weather Channel: when technology vendors become data vendors

It’s unusual for technology companies to buy data providers, but IBM just made the move. With the Weather Channel, not only does it get access to a highly powerful data platform, but also on data that is critical for most of their...

nexus 6p google on tap

Google PaaS-es in the App Engine

Google remains true to form and makes a powerful statement with its PaaS entry: Google App Engine

ww blogimage volkswagen

The Volkswagen scandal and software engineering: Is a code of ethics needed?

Here are the steps you need to take to avoid following in Volkswagen's path of ignominy


Irari Report: ISIS using U.S. hosting services to avoid intelligence agencies

In the first segment of The Irari Report interview with WauchulaGhost, leader of the hacktivist group GhostSec, which has been taking down ISIS operations and actually credited with stopping terrorist attacks, Ira Winkler and Araceli...


How to work with unsafe code in .Net

Unsafe code helps you to write unmanaged code that wouldn't be handled by the execution environment of the CLR. This article takes a look at how we can work with unsafe code in the managed environment of .Net.


How to work with delegates in C#

Take advantage of delegates to promote flexibility in your designs and implement event-driven programming with ease

Asynchronous programming

How to perform asynchronous file operations in C#

You can take advantage of asynchrony to perform resource-intensive I/O operations sans the need to block the main or the executing thread of the application. This article presents an overview on asynchronous file operations using C#.

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