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Security in a cloud-native environment

Cloud-native design can offer tremendous security—but getting there needs a structured design approach to safeguard enterprise systems and data

The many (emerging) faces of machine learning

Machine learning is everywhere: across industries and affecting many aspects of daily living


Don’t let Netflix envy cloud your devops judgment

In the search for rapid deployment, think twice before following in Silicon Valley's footsteps

Devops: Farewell to major software releases and welcome to transparent software

Key considerations for companies transitioning to a devops environment

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Don’t fall for faux agile

Here are recommendations and guidelines to help your team find a middle ground between impractical purist Agile adherence that helps projects get managed and completed to satisfaction

shipping containers

How to get started with containerization

Given how truly disruptive containers are, it's easy to get excited and want to go all in. But there's much to be gained by getting a lay of the land before you jump

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Apple releases iOS 11: What developers need to know

We have three months to go before Apple's new operating system hits the market. To get the development process off on the right foot, let’s break down some of the biggest changes and challenges with iOS 11 that are putting devops...

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H-1Bs were never the answer

Nontraditional sourcing and talent discovery, not H-1B visas, are the answers to solving the tech talent shortage

8 application development model wireframe

The 7 best wireframing and prototyping tools for app makers

Lately, I have had a lot of discussions about UI and UX. Nobody has complained about this, so I presume we are reaching a point where everyone involved with app development recognizes the importance of UI and UX. A great app idea...

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Data in, intelligence out: Smart apps are only as good as the data

Effective machine learning and predictive analytics depend on vast amounts of relevant data and continuous learning


Choose your devsecops team wisely: Your apps depend on it

How choosing the right team will keep your business secure and help it keep pace with the sprinting speeds demanded by the market.

asp.net core mvc framework

Introducing the ASP.Net Core MVC framework

The ASP.Net Core MVC framework enables you to build applications that are loosely-coupled, responsive, fast and easier to test and maintain

Thinking twice: Data science or MBA?

The growing demand for business data roles and data-driven managers is pushing salaries to a point that one should consider a data science degree versus an MBA for management positions

2016 digital transformation

IT planning is dead

My big takeaway from Forrester's Digital Transformation conference? IT planning as we know it is a thing of the past

httpclient vs webrequest vs httpwebrequest

My two cents on WebClient vs HttpClient vs HttpWebRequest

Understand the merits and demerits of the three approaches — WebClient, HttpClient and HttpWebRequest — when working with HTTP requests and responses

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How can Apple make iOS 11 upgrade-worthy? | The iPhone Show

Apple is unwrapping iOS 11 next week at WWDC, and here are 3 features we’re dying to see.

rangeheaders in webapi

How to work with HTTP Range Headers in WebAPI

Range requests enable you to retrieve partial content in lieu of the entire content for improved performance when working with WebAPI over HTTP.

Read the fine print contract agreement

Microservices need to honor contracts

In the ever-expanding era of cloud computing, microservices must adhere to contracts

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