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mvc 6

New features in MVC 6

Leverage the ASP.Net MVC 6 framework to design and implement applications that can leverage the Mode View Controller design pattern and promote code re-use, testability and maintenance seamlessly

finish line 10

Software development: It's about the journey, not the finish line

Software development success should be defined by continuous learning and innovation, not just the completion of projects

supply chain warehouse

Why you need to control your data supply chain

One year after acquiring its primary reseller of data, Twitter is cutting off its other resellers. If you are selling data, you should analyze how and why Twitter is integrating its supply chain, and how far you should go with your...

object services layer

Programming the Object Services Layer in Entity Framework

Take advantage of Object Services Layer to reduce the impedance mismatch between the object and data models in your application and perform CRUD operations against your Entity Data Model

unit testing

Take advantage of Unit Testing to reduce errors in the development phase of your project

A proper and planned approach towards test driven development can reduce errors in your application considerably


Traction Watch: How Canva Reached 2 Million Users In 18 Months

It’s a jaw-dropping moment over at Canva, the trendy startup that lets you create graphics in seconds. In just 18 months, they have racked up a customer base that tops 2 million users.


Traction Watch: 4 Reasons Domo Will Double Its Revenue This Year

If you haven’t heard of the business intelligence company Domo, you can be forgiven because it's been in self-imposed stealth mode since 2010, while it's been growing spectacularly. Well, the cat is now out of the bag, as the company...

wyod blog image

Software development and security in the WYOD age

The new wave of wearables will change the way that enterprise IT works in the coming era: Wear Your Own Device (WYOD)

thread states

Best practices for .Net thread synchronization

A good knowledge of thread synchronization is needed to build applications that need to take advantage of thread safety and avoid deadlocks

spredfast infographic

Traction Watch: How Spredfast Handled A Growth Bump

After merging with Mass Relevance, Spredfast had to absorb 150 new employees in a single day. This is how it managed its growth.


Traction Watch: Mixpanel Is Now Tracking 45 Billion User Actions Every Month

If you want to grow your business, you must measure the right things. That's the Mixpanel model. As it turns out, measuring how customers behave is a very big business.

graph success

New software development success metrics

As project delivery models evolve to be more iterative and agile, success metrics of cost, scope and deadline lose their relevance. This is particularly true for the most significant and strategic efforts that involve customer-facing,...

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When organizational debt slows software projects down

When companies embark on new software projects, they too often ignore organizational idiosyncrasies that make software tougher to deliver. Having a culture that is particularly tied to broken processes is one such issue that should be...

WCF vs Web API

Choosing the right technology for building the service layer in .NET

There are many different considerations you need to think over before you decide the right technology for the service layer in your application

googleglass closeup

3 lies about Google Glass

The conventional wisdom about Google's experimental smart glasses project is all wrong. Here's why

Photo collage including a dog and a man drinking beer

Wisdom to code by: An illustrated guide to programmer proverbs

Behold age-old truths that software developers have learned over the years

swamp in amazon rainforest

Explore new ways to use your data

Doing the same old things with new data won’t take you very far in the digitalized world. Leverage all data that is now available to you, to look at new ideas, new processes, and get more value.

cyberthreat thinkstock

Making certain the cyber-attack cure doesn't kill the patient

Cyber-attacks are accelerating and having a real economic impact. What can Washington do to help cure our cyber-attack epidemic? In the fast-moving world of information security, government technology mandates don’t work, but there...

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