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Five sue Apple over Error 53 and bricked iPhones

Error 53 is triggered when users upgrade to a new version of iOS, and the OS detects that components in the iPhone have been changed

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Sony attackers thought to be behind multiple large attacks

Security researchers have found similarities in malware and attack methods and now know what digital breadcrumbs to follow

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GitHub apologizes for ignoring community concerns

An open letter outlines how the code-sharing site intends to make amends to developers

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Office 2013 patch KB 3114717 freezes 32-bit Word 2013 on Win 7, 8.1, 10

There are reports of the patch causing similar lockup problems with Excel 2013 and Outlook 2013

13 ways the cloud has changed (since last you looked)

VMware’s new management tools are hybrid, hybrid, hybrid

VMware wants to manage your data center and the public cloud

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Study finds anti-encryption laws won't work on an international stage

Passing anti-encryption laws wouldn't change a thing, as criminals and terrorists would simply look globally for alternatives

Internet Explorer

It's official: Older versions of IE are now at risk

Two-thirds of the vulnerabilities patched this week in IE11 and Edge likely exist in now-retired IE7 and IE8, definitely in semi-obsolete IE9 and IE10

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Apple's iPhone sued for infringement of touch feedback patents

Carrier AT&T has also been named in the complaints filed by Immersion, which claims over 3 billion digital devices use its technologies

Big Data analytics machine learning

Is the road to machine learning paved with API providers?

To take advantage of machine learning, most companies will probably turn to third-party APIs rather than do the work themselves

datacamp data science

Need data-science skills? Now your team can learn together

DataCamp has added a group feature for university classes and enterprise teams

 Republican Presidential Debate

All the president’s spies: Which candidates back the NSA

Here's what the presidential candidates have to say about NSA spying, the USA Freedom Act, and government surveillance

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The Linux Foundation's big plan to speed up storage, networking

The Fast Data Project aims for a fast, open source data plane for networking and storage

Hammer breaks glass

Office 2010 patch KB 3114750 clobbers Outlook Calendar (again)

Microsoft released a cavalcade of fixes with February's Patch Tuesday, including one that reintroduces an earlier bug in Outlook 2010

locked gate

Project Kratos: AWS Lambda functionality, without Amazon lock-in uses Docker for a self-managing, stateless application stack, but forgoes the open source path

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What little we know about recommended Windows 7/8.1 update KB 3123862

The formerly optional patch ties into Windows 10 upgrades through means unknown

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Critical VPN key exchange flaw exposes Cisco security appliances to remote hacking

Firewalls running Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA) software can be compromised remotely with malformed UDP packets


Bill in Congress would ban states from seeking encryption backdoors

Proposal blocks states from writing their own laws about technology to decrypt private messages or asking manufacturers to install backdoors

UCLA Phase Stretch Transform algorithm

UCLA just open-sourced a powerful new image-detection algorithm

The algorithm helps computers 'see' in ways that human eyes can't, and could be used in face, fingerprint and iris recognition for high-tech security

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