GE launches cloud for the industrial Internet

The company's Predix Cloud will be available commercially in 2016

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libreoffice 4.4

LibreOffice 5.0 gears up for a Web and mobile future

The open source office suite boasts lots of new developers and commits, but has a lot of work to do to stay relevant


Even VCs are balking at Silicon Valley's cost of living

A recent report on the state of venture capitalist confidence shows growing worries about the cost of living in the Bay Area

it jobs now hiring perks king

Employment engine keeps humming for IT job seekers

Programmers fare well, but some positions, such as Web developers, see rising unemployment

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Ballmer's Nokia blunder cost Microsoft $10 billion

Former Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's decision to buy the Nokia phone business ultimately cost Microsoft $10 billion in its 2015 fiscal year

DHS warns about privacy implications of cybersecurity bill

The bill under consideration of the Senate has been criticized by privacy groups

Apple computers vulnerable to 'Thunderstrike 2' firmware worm

The improved attack highlights ongoing concerns over the security of a computer's low-level code

Acer's new Windows 10 laptops arrive with Chromebook-like prices

The 11-inch Aspire One Cloudbook model will launch in August in North America

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IBM promotes Spark, Docker, Node, and Go goodies

A spate of projects from IBM's DeveloperWorks Open portal covers everything from improving Spark performance to Docker network management

OneDrive finally lets you sync shared folders

Microsoft's cloud storage service now lets users automatically sync items in folders shared with others

IBM applies some engineering rigor to the Internet of things

The company says the practice of product line engineering will help IoT manufacturers maintain their portfolios

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Windows 10 upgrade scams are only warming up

Ransomware and phishing scams tied to current events have been staples of criminal hackers for years, and the Windows 10 upgrade scam is the latest version

Nokia reaches deal to sell mapping business to automakers

Nokia will get $2.7 billion as net proceeds from the deal of its Here service

DNS server attacks begin using BIND software flaw

Analysts had predicted attackers would quickly figure out how to take advantage of the flaw

windows 10 mobile phone home screen

Doubts cloud Microsoft's universal Windows apps plan

Analyst doubts viability of the plan unless Microsoft makes a big push on Windows phones

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Windows 10 ignites new browser war with Mozilla

Microsoft’s new OS constricts browser choice, Mozilla CEO argues, as Firefox market share keeps dropping

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Free edition of Visual Studio: Cool enough for non-Microsoft devs

With licensing restrictions that favor individual users and open source developers, the free-to-use edition of Visual Studio

windows 10 hidden narwhal ninjacat

The 10 best hidden features of Windows 10

Windows 10 isn't all Cortana and the Start menu, you know. Follow the ninjacat to find the best stuff under the hood

android developer

Android Studio focuses on C++ editing

Version 1.3 of the IDE also gets memory and testing improvements

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